I environment. I had been very shy and

I was raised in a nuclear family in the metropolitan city of Mumbai. My childhood was spent in more of a protective environment. I had been very shy and polite since then. Both of my guardians are working professionals. My mother and father belong to middle-class of the society. During my childhood, I have witnessed my parents struggling with many difficult situations. But they overcame those difficulties and achieved many things in their life. That was a life lesson for me. It taught me to stay positive in life and face challenges without fear. My growing interest in technical things was the sole reason for choosing engineering for my graduate studies. My inspiration was my father.  He had been working in an inspection department of Siemens India which made him look into small details at home too. His zeal towards his work fascinated me. I adapted that quality. Also, my mother works in a telecommunication company, so her experiences made my interest to know more about this industry. I selected electronics as a vocational subject in first two years after school. It gave me basic understanding about the scope of electronics as a career path. Subsequently, I chose electronics and telecommunication for an undergraduate degree. The entire coursework was challenging and comprise of mainly theoretical modules.I have a gap of around 2 years in between my previous study and intended study. I would rather call it as a learning curve actually. Initially, I started as a learner in the embedded system development field and thereafter I worked as an intern in Schneider Electric India Private Limited, Bangalore. Even though I was primarily assigned to a software development project, it was a thought-provoking process. It gave me an opportunity to learn different aspects of the project like analytical thinking, testing, quality assurance, project management.Overall this has been a valuable and knowledge developing experience for me. After that, the time was bit challenging and introspective. I spent the time in job searching but it was not giving positive outcomes. It was struggling and difficult time for me. This was the time when I realized that “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world!”. I decided to focus on my inner development and growth. I started activities like cycling, yoga, improving English communication, etc. It helped me boost my moral and I started looking for jobs and preparing for my higher studies.  Currently, I’m employed in Prima Equipment, an electronic equipment manufacturing company. The job environment here is quite different from my previous one. However, the struggle in past is feeling worthful now. I’m learning new things in the complete manufacturing of a product, from design to dispatch and PCB soldering to customer service.The best thing I found about Australia is its integrity. The quality of education in Australia is considered as best in the world. The top 10% universities are located in Australia which is confirmed by the universities grading systems such as QS world ranking, Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Shanghai ranking. Furthermore, the user-friendly government websites help to authenticate information about the country which is found on the Internet. In addition, Australia is strengthening their policies for international student protection. This emphasis on country’s education growth mainly attracted me to apply in the Australian university. The life and multicultural environment appealed me too; I think it will definitely help me to improve my overall personality.In addition, Australian education system gives the opportunity to explore theoretical as well as practical aspects of studies. Although, my country provide similar kind of study programs, but the relevance of curriculum does not always reflect in practice. So, it is important for me to come in Australia and gain every aspect of postgraduate curriculum to broaden my future prospects.Last but not least, my parents have always encouraged me to go an extra mile to shape my career; they are fully supportive to go abroad for studies. Secondly, the qualities I’m going to learn from the master of engineering management programme are transferable and in-demand in different job markets around the globe. Although I don’t have any offer of a job right now, I can confidently say it will not be the same case after completion of the postgraduate program. I can even approach my previous employers for better job position and salary package after the course. At the same time, there is a high demand for a competent engineer in all major engineering firms in India.