I believe thatforgiveness is possible but is a journey. As long as there are relationships,there will need to be forgiveness. People are not perfect thus they makemistakes.

Forgiveness is a powerful part of our community. Many people don’tfeel that they can truly move on until they have been given forgiveness. A lifelived without forgiveness is a life of real pain. Forgiveness has a place foreveryone, regardless of age or level of hurt. Today there is a lot of hurt inthe world. People are out of work. Families are struggling to keep everythinggoing, and many of our politicians and institutions seem to have let us down.

Like I said no one is perfect so everyone has something that they can beforgiven for and that they must forgive. Marianne Williamson once said “Forgivenessis not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered,to forgive the one that inflicted.

And yet, there is no peace withoutforgiveness.” I believe that is why a few of the victim’s wives decided to meetthe man that killed their husbands. They wouldn’t completely feel past thatsituation until they see the sincerity in the mans voice that he was trulysorry. Mostcitizens are to blame for what happens in the systems of exploitation andextermination. If the people that wanted change actually spoke up and tried tomake a change, then something different would happen. We can’t just sit backand expect something to change without anyone taking initiative. Just sohappens that a lot of the time, the ones with evil intentions are the ones thataren’t afraid to step up and complete a task that they believe in.

I believethat majority of people are not on the evil side so if we had enough people tocounter them, nothing bad would happen in our world. I do not believe that all Germans were toblame for the holocaust but a large majority of them are to blame. The evil Naziideology did not come out of no where. It was willed by the people and carriedout by the people. Hitler would not have been able to carry out his plan withoutthe support of many others. You can never blame the entire population becausenot everyone shares the same views. I realize that most of the time the peoplethat are less fortunate and want the change do not have the platform or moneyto make a big enough change. At least that’s the way it seems.

An example couldbe that if you are walking down the street and one ant tries to bite you, itwouldn’t be a problem for you to take it down. But, if 10,000 ants were tryingto attack, it would be a much harder fight. Ants are a perfect example of ananimal that knows how to work together. Humans need to grasp the idea that themore people that work together, the higher chance we have of making a change.Itis natural to fear people or things that are foreign, strange, or bizarre tous. It is a completely natural instinctive reaction to fear things we do notknow.

When it comes to xenophobia, that is a real phobia, it is different toactually be diagnosed with a phobia and to just not like people of differentraces or countries. This phobia may be looked at as more of a crime or act ofracism but is a real diagnosis. I do not think that it is imbedded in allwesterners because I sure as heck do not have this phobia and neither do any ofmy friends or family. I could understand people fearing other races or peopleform other parts of the world a very long time ago just because they had neverseen or met them thus they did not know what to expect. But in todays age wheremany people are mixed races and we live in a city that is very diverse I cannotgrasp the idea of hating someone because they are from a different country. I believe that we dohave moral obligations to the people of the rest of the world. Most peoplebelieve that when someone has no money, that they probably did not work or missmanaged their money.

But you must have money to mismanage your money. The concept that these poor people areall lazy is also a fallacy. Most people never had the opportunity to succeedbecause they were born into a situation where they did not have the resourcesto succeed. Statistics show that the majority of our poverty rates are frompeople who work full time for minimum wage. People that grow up lessfortunate may not have food to eat or a car to get around. We are morally obligated to help those inneed; To say that we aren’t is like deciding that one person’s life is moreimportant and more valuable than another’s and you feel you’re simply betterthan that poor person who needs food stamps to feed her child. You cannot trulyhold a moral standard unless you have a personal relationship with the idea ofstruggle and what that means for those around you, those in your communitiesand those sharing the world with you. Denying basic human dignity to people youmay believe are beneath you is just a ignorant way of approaching the world.

This is the only reason why I can slightly understand the people that don’tfeel like they are obligated to help other people around the world. They havenever experienced the struggle themselves, so they do not realize what othersare going through. I know It is easy to realize that there are so many peoplethat are less fortunate than us as Americans but not everyone is sharp enoughto see this.


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