I read the book ¨The Problem with Forever¨ by Jennifer Armentrout. The book is based on two kids Mallory and rider who grew up in foster care together, although things weren’t the best for them.

They grew up in an abusive home and the case workers would overlook there home. The guy who looked after them was not a good person, one time when Mallory did something bad he threw her favorite doll into the fire and she went in after it witch landed her in the hospital. This changed the rest of her life when two doctors herd her story and decided to adopt her. Mallory was always taught to be quite, so going to a new family it took her awhile to learn to speak again. Mallory had been homeschooled ever since she had been adopted but it was four years later and she was in her last year of schools and her parents decided it was a good time for her to start school.

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School would not be easy for her since she barely talked and she had to take a speech class. On Mallory’s first day of school she avoids talking to anyone until she gets to her last class of the day, speech class, where she sees Rider, the boy she hasn’t seen since the fire accident. Rider noticed her right away although he thought she had been dead for all these years. Rider sits by her looks at her and calls her mouse. This is special to Mallory because Rider and her where so close and he’s the only one who calls her mouse. At this point rider has a girlfriend Paige and she is very mean to Mallory and adventully rider starts to fall for Mallory and he cant take it anymore that Paige is so mean to her so he has to break up with her. Mallory and Rider start a relationship together and Mallory encourages Rider to do something good with his life and go to college but Rider doesnt think he is good enough for anything not even Mallory. Mallory and Rider have good relationship and he gets her to start talking more but Mallory still won’t speak in speech class and ends up always having to give her speeches at lunch.

During their relationship Rider doesn’t feel wanted and Mallory doesn’t know what to do, So rider breaks up with Mallory because he doesn’t want to end up hurting her but Mallory yells at rider telling him he broke up with her because he’s scared and she finally finds her voice. At the end of the story Mallory has to give a speech about the things that mean the most to her. Since Rider helped her finally find her voice she is able to give the speech in front of the class for the first time. In her speech Mallory mentions Rider and how much he means to her, this finally makes Rider realize how important he is and he actually realizes he wants to try and get into college and do good things.


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