I believe that in being a leader, it constantly
presents challenges to any leader and their abilities. When facing these challenges,
its usually an incitation to rise to another level in order to test them. It
also shows that they can complete something that may seem hard at the time, or
even impossible, especially when it’s issue the leader never dealt it or have
experience in.

constantly presents challenges to a leader and their abilities. If you really
think about it, being a leader is in itself a challenge. Even though leadership
poses authority and might seem appealing, there are more of what that job
entails and challenges compared to a role that isn’t in the management style.
If you want a higher role, you have to accept and face the responsibilities that
come with it. Some of the challenges of leadership in my opinion External,
which comes from the team of people they manage or lead and situations; Internal,
which is more personal from within the leader themselves; and natural, which
arises from the position of being a leader.


External challenges are almost impossible for
a leader not to have in general. I believe when selecting a leader, you have to
make sure the leader can handle external challenges well. If they don’t the
organization probably won’t, either, since it has the potential to affect other
areas. From past experiences, I’ve seen when people feel that leaders aren’t
confident or frustrated, they them become stressed as well, and because of this
there is a chance that the work of the team suffers.


Internal challenges such as fear, minimal confidence,
impatience, and intolerance can lead to a disorganized leader. It’s hard for
people who see themselves as leaders, to admit that they might have personal
characteristics that get in the way with their ability to reach their goals as
a leader. Being and having a solid strong positive leadership is learning to
accept the reality of those traits as an individual, and progressing on how to
change them to fit the workplace life, so they don’t get in the way. By doing
this slowly but surely, you can be better leader to the team and organization
by accepting the reality of things.


Natural challenges are also a factor in
disorganized process of leaders. From a leader’s side, they are responsible for
the group’s vision and achieving goals to conquer that vision.  Even though these responsibilities might be
shared throughout the team certain companies, but in most organizations, one
person takes the largest part of the burden that entails with the position.
Keeping up with all the responsibilities and tasks the leaders have to check
off are just natural challenges that come with the position. 


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