I only but not by done it.We can.Before

I suffocate many animals,blocked
drains,littering the roadsides,the beaches and to believe or not to, everyone
here has used me in their lifetime.So,what am i?First of all ,Good morning
everyone and i hope you guys had onother wonderful day to live on.Today im not
just standing here without any reason or purpose,but im here to deliver a
simple message that would lead people take a single step and crate the change
of our earth.

So,what am i?I’m a plastic bag.First and
foremost,why we should say no to plastic bag is because of their sources. It is
made up from non renewable natural resources such as crude oil gas and coal.And
even petroleum are being used in the making of plastic bag.What even make it
worse that the amount of petroleum that used to make a plastic bag can drive a
car about 115 metres.If calculated,14 plastic bag would be enough to drive one
mile kilometre.Pretty amazing isnt it?Moreover,plastic bag persistent in
environment and it cannot be decompose and even biodegrable plastic bag itself
takes a year to degrade.

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According to the  Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association
(MPMA),statistic shows that average Malaysian uses 300 plastic bag per year Bavani.M
(2016, 26 Aug) The star online .Thus
if we multiply with 30 million of population times 300 the result will be
whooping nine billion plastic bags Malaysians are using each year.

Apart from that,plastic bag can give bad
effect to marine’s life.In the ocean,every square of miles of  water contain approximately 46,0000 plastic
bag floating around.Research that have been made estimated that at least  1 million sea birds, 100,000 sea mammals and
countless fish were kills up.
(n.d.). Retrieved December 22, 2017, from
http://savethesea.org/STS%20ocean_facts.htm.The turtles are the one that
became a serious issue when they killed because of choking the plasting bag .To
realize or not ,the population of turtle is declining.A plastic would be enough
to make a chaos and can make many animal suffered.

Yes it may seem much easier on talk only but
not by done it.We can.Before this a campaign on say no to plastic bag every Saturday
has been done and practically it works.Even the oversea country has done it and
they could bring a reusable bag to supermarket.If they can ,what about
us?Starting from today you can start to change it by refuse,reduce ,reuse and
recycle plastic bag.Refuse to  plastic
bag if you are buying a couple of item and consider to carry it.Reduce the
number of plastic bag being used and minimize it.

This small action that we done could create a
big success.Our earth is dying ,if it not start with us,who else.Lets together
say no to plastic bag as it give bad effect to us,to our ecosystem.Together we
can make the change. Instead
of throwing away plastic bags, reuse them at home. Freezing food, packing
school lunches or other household item, this were some example that we can done
in reusing plastic bag at home.Consider recycling your plastic shopping bags by
returning them to the store. And last but not least, create public awareness.
Tell others how harmful it is to use plastic bags. If you have no guts to say
‘NO’ to plastic bags then remember that you can always Reduce, Reuse and
Recycle.Thank you and have  a plesent