I have known Chinnamaru Sathvik for 4 years, during which time he has been a keen and diligent student in my  ‘Thermodynamics’ and ‘Applied Thermodynamics’ courses. I also supervised his training in the Automotive Engines Lab. In this course of time, he has consistently shown qualities of reliability, enthusiasm and determination. He is one of the most exceptional students I have encountered in my recent years of teaching.

He has shown an extremely high level of dedication, intellectual curiosity and impressive acumen throughout his years here at the university. He is a perceptive, quick and competent learner with sound problem-solving skills. He has produced excellent results from his well-planned experiments. He is an able student with strong leadership and communication skills. His presentations to the class were well prepared and  effectively spoken. His ideas on electrification of vehicles and reduction of carbon emissions displayed a unique passion.Faculty and his fellow peers have always regarded Sathvik in good esteem because of his sincerity, zeal and politeness.

He has been a strong link between faculty and students through his participation in several university societies. He approached solutions in innovative ways which showed his thorough research of different publications and journals. I was also impressed by his affluence in design skills and contributions to the department. He has led many programmes and events for Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) club during his undergraduate studies. He was an active organiser and committee member of the technical festival and oversaw many seminars and workshops.

Alongside his engineering studies, he also was involved in various sporting events arranged and quiz competitions. His ability to divide his time effectively with other commitments while continuing his meticulous preparation will be an asset to any research team. I finally summarize that his ability to carry out  research work and projects independently is  among the best in his class group. With your most distinguished program, I believe he will further advance his understanding in the field and grow more valuable experiences in practices. I strongly recommend him for admission to your university with all possible financial support to achieve his goals and am positive that he will bring accolades to your university. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.


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