I was born on January the 29thin 1991. I geographically was born in the city of Iraq, which is called Mosul.Mosul is characterized that it has the nice views and weather. Many of peoplecome from different countries to for tourists. When we think of Mosul, we thinkof the heaven. Living in Mosul is like living in haven because of the beauty ofthis place. The food there is delicious and the weather there makes people wantto eat. People there are socially with everyone.

No racism exists in this city.It considered as a city of Iraq after Bagdad. Bagdad is the capital of Iraq, andMosul is the city of Iraq. I grow up in a non-traditional family because my parentsgive me the free-will whether to follow the rule of my tradition or not. However,the most rule that I have to follow is following the rule of church. I lovefollowing the rule of church because I love going to church. Being in Church, Ifeel comfortable.

My parents are from different sex. It is preheated to get marriedfrom same sex.  My parents were born in Mosultoo.  My parents racial and ethnic are Chaldean.My parents live in Iraq. They don’t have a job.

I have circumstances of mybirth is that when I was born, my uncle died. The number of siblings I grew up with,are four. We are three girls and one boy.

I am the youngest child. I have stepparents who live here in America.  Ispend the Christmas and the free time with them. I begin life with my parents.The fate was to migrate and leave them. I don’t know if I will see them before Idie. It is hard to bring them here.

I remember the messages that I was givenby the people in my immediate family about your abilities that I can makepeople love me easily. My challenges are the classes and get a good grade tokeep my GPA not less than 3.5. My appearance is the picture of my heart. Peoplealways told me that I am good-hearted and loyal.  The messages which I  receive from my  extended family, who are my grandparents, aunts,uncles, cousins, step brother or sisters is that I am loyal and what characterizedme is the good-hearted.

  These spokenmake me confident of myself, so this is how they impact me.  They impact me today because they are worth. I get similar messages now (as a grown-up) from my relatives.  I don’t talk with my family members about themessages or comments they have made to me because once I know that whatever if theircomment is negative or positive, they still are like the advisees forme.

My family provides the support to me. The result of this exchange most ofthe time will be great.  Has yourinteraction with this person never changed since the discussion because my familywants the best and maybe more than just the best for me.

 I would recall it as disrespectful aboutmy personal experiences related to how I  treated by others in community because peoplein my community are racist toward males. The stereotypes do exist in mycommunity. In school in Iraq, there was discrimination against Christians. Iwas treated unfair because of my religious organization.

there was  social/societal group that I was  part of where I  did not feel socially is in my country, Iraq,I didn’t have the right to practice my religion or even to go to church. I emotionallyfelt bad because if I don’t go to church I don’t feel comfortable. I physicallydidn’t feel safe or accepted for who I am because of my gender and religion.  I deal with these normally, but it was veryhard to pretend being normal.

the messages I  received as a child affected me  in my  life choices of looking on good things andbecoming socially with others, these create from my own personality as a  personal development. I experiencemistreatment in school because of my religion.  Honestly, I don’t face bullying in schoolbased on my appearance, my characteristics. However, I faced bullying based onwho I am are in terms of racial and ethnic because I am Christian, but notbecause of my cultural identity, my abilities, or my  gender. I discuss the mistreatment with myfamily, but  they couldn’t do anything,so the  result were nothing.

I noticeothers being bullied in school, but I don’t know the reason this person wastargeted by bullies. I want to solve the problems of people being bullied. Idon’t hear someone stand up to a bullyAll in All, as a teacher, my personalexperiences changed the way you view mistreatment or bullying in my classroomor a child’s school is to take it seriously, I would discuss these kind theproblems with the children. I don’t feel confident that I have the skills tointervene when you I   someone being mistreated, made fun of for whothey are, or bullied because I don’t have enough experience to deal with these situations.I need to gain more information from CDs classes.  The one feeling came up for me while writingthis paper is thinking of how to deal with children who have been bullied.

Itwould be great idea to focus on how to help children with disabilities.


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