I believe: Sometimes the only option you have is to let go The act of letting go is when you have completely abandoned your effort to finish something you have started. Though by just listen to this particular phrase:”Just let it go”, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is “it’s not that easy”.

Agreed? Because personally, that is something that I would also agree with. It is indeed not an easy task to let go, especially when you have invested so much of your emotions and efforts into someone or something. You start thinking that you would not be able to continue living your life without that one person or thing. Even when you might have noticed an unspoken issue about that certain one, you still want to hang on for the feelings of being loved, need and secured. It’s funny how you do not want the present between you and that person to ever change, but deep in your heart, you know that it is slowly tearing you apart. Guess what? There is a solution to end that madness contradiction in your head.

Just let it go and move on. Though it is going to be very difficult at first, but you would eventually be fine. You would learn that you are still able to function just like normal and realize that you could still live a life. That person or thing would  probably go through the same way too.

Life is short and it will never wait for you. In some cases waiting for something doesn’t mean that it will always come back so you take a risk and see where it will take you. For what I had experience when you hold things back it usually pushes it away.You guys all know that you can’t go back in time and fix things but all you can do is try to move forward. So if you know that things are not going right for you, you might as well take the risk and let see where life can take you because there are so many opportunities and things you can still learn. Life is about experiencing 


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