I thought of myself as a small fish

I can remember early in my teaching career
thinking there was no way I would ever want to be a principal.  I had no idea how the principal managed to
have all the right answers, could make the teachers happy, could make the
parents happy, and have students excited to come to school.  As I progressed in my career, I realized that
the principal doesn’t always have the answers and does not please
everyone.  It was a humbling moment when
I realized the principal is a person, but the principal is a person who sees
the potential everyone brings to the room and uses it to be successful.  I realized the power of being a leader was
inside of me.

For most of my life I have thought of
myself as a small fish in a big pond, the idea that I am one of many.  This concept has helped me to see that at
times everyone can be a leader and everyone can be a follower.  Being a leader means knowing your strengths
and weakness and the strengths and weakness of those around you.  While the leader is representing everyone, it
is the power of everyone working together that makes the group strong.  I can proudly say that I am one of many.

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Anticipated Outcomes

Being a leader in education means looking
at all facets of the school, students, teachers, faculty, parents, and
community.   Being here so those around
me are advancing.  Helping people to
become a leader as well and using the strengths that people have to propel
others to success.  Importance of
relationships in success. Working as a mentor. 
Helping people to achieve their own goals through support and guidance. 

Embracing the idea of being a life-long
learner.  This is the model for everyone
in the school system.  Using each day as
an opportunity to learn something new. Idea of education being a stepping stone
to life.  Education is the back bone of
the working community.  An education
should give students the tools to be productive members of society as adults. 

are the foundation for an excellent school. 
These relationships should be built in a way that enhances everyone
involved, students, teachers, parents, the community, etc.

learning & community of learners. 
Focus on students gaining knowledge through the use of many and not limiting
how someone can learn.  Communication.
Sharing and collaborating to ensure success.   

Learning in innovative,
self-motivated ways that aren’t traditional, but rather personal.  Using technology to enhance the classroom and
fully engaged in the online world. 
Teaching students to look at school in different ways that may not be
considered traditional.  Working to build
a foundation that focuses on everyone involved to make the experience personal