I was first introduced to the world of art by my mother.

Growing up, I watched her create paintings using different mediums. The walls of our house were adorned with her paintings. This inspired me to produce something of my own. Since childhood, I drew comics as well as characters from my favourite cartoon shows and gradually became fond of the world of animation wherein I was amazed by the animators who were able to develop characters and bring them to life by giving them emotions and a personality.   In particular, the works of Tomm Moore have been very motivating as he has taken inspiration from mythology and also uses traditional supplies for his animations; I would like to take inspiration from his works and incorporate them into mine. Rebecca Sugar, the creator of the show Steven Universe, has created multi-dimensional characters along with illustrative designs and catchy songs. Studying the works of other artists has helped me to create more insightful and interesting work.

  I have visited several art galleries and museums where I was introduced to a variety of paintings and the various mediums used, which helped me to gain knowledge about different art styles of artists of around the globe. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the “Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro” exhibition in Palazzo Reale in Milan.  I was able to experience the works, landscapes, literary tradition and Manga of the Edo period.

The craftsmanship in creating the intricate prints inspired me to experiment with watercolours to create various effects in my artwork. In high school, I chose Humanities, in which I studied subjects like History which widened my perspective on the historical development of art; whereas Sociology helped me to acquire insight on the influence of art in society. Furthermore, I would like to use the knowledge gained to make people aware of current affairs and bring about a change by creating animations the audience can empathize with. Studying Commercial art has helped me to understand different styles of paintings popular in India as well as the development of art throughout the years in India. I have also gained experience by working with a variety of materials.  By participating in various competitions, it has helped me gain experience working on group projects as well as individual activities. Winning the Best Thematic Representation in the Interschool Citizens’ Forum (Art), I have developed skills of being receptive and adaptable and learnt new things from my members. I was also able to display the skills I acquired over the years.

I was the First Runner Up in the Multidisciplinary Annual Day (Hues) where I had to create a book of my own. Working independently has made me proficient in my organizational skills and time management skills.   Travelling to multiple destinations around the world, I was fortunate enough to experience different cultures and gain fresh perspectives. Moreover, travelling has also increased my appreciation for nature and is a source of inspiration for my work. Clicking pictures of my travels have helped me to improve my observational skills which I believe will be helpful for my future career.

  There has been a wave of animation movies like Howl’s Moving Castle, Coco, Song of the Sea, each unique in its own way that has developed a zeal in me to dream of having my own animated movies. I would like to be a part of this booming industry as I’m willing to learn new things and explore the diverse field of art. Upon graduating, I envision myself making people happy. I believe that I can make the world a happier place with the help of animation.   


I'm Katy!

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