I wish to apply for a position at your university as an electrical engineer; having learned about the course from course guides I wish to apply for this course as I wish to learn from the modules to expand on what I have learned throughout my previous college course and personal hobbies.

Engineering in general is something that has fascinated me, I’ve always liked the idea of creating something that can benefit myself or someone else, specifically I like electrical engineering due to how technical it is, the analysis or creation of electrical systems, understanding the concepts and designs of them and ultimately improving them is something that I find exciting for example as a hobby I find myself buying computers and game consoles only to take them apart and see how they function from the use of voltage regulators and transformers in power supplies to how mainboard RAM is installed and used I also frequently find myself learning engineering topics from video sites such as YouTube, for example I learnt the mechanics behind the world’s fastest land based vehicle; the bloodhound SSC and how the vehicles wheels contained no rubber, to learning about how transistors were able to revolutionize the field of electronics allowing for dramatically smaller computer systems. Whenever something I own breaks I always jump at the opportunity of fixing it myself, from laptops to phones to even barbering equipment, I’ve done them all!  Knowing the course has a heavy emphasis on physics and details topics such as power generation methods, digital systems and electronic devices I feel that this is the type of course that would be perfect for me and where I feel I can put my current skills to good use throughout the course.For my own skills and experiences, I find myself to be a good team worker, I greatly enjoy working with others and taking on board new ideas and advice from the team. I have really benefited from working with teams in the past and have done many group works which focused on circuit analysis and circuit design throughout college, with this task my team was tasked with creating a functional voltage regulator. These group experiences have improved my communication skills, and I feel that my efficiency within a team environment has also benefited from these experiences. I also can apply good system thinking skills when in a situation that demands the understanding of a problem and how to tackle it.

I can effectively manage my time to meet deadlines and produce work of a high standard whilst knowing when to take a break. Furthermore, I am very good at following instructions and can apply common sense when working with potentially dangerous equipment to keep myself and others safe. In terms of my experience I have completed a prior qualification in electrical engineering from college where I performed tasks based on topics such as analogue electronics, system design and power generation to name a few. A task that I enjoyed was when I was tasked to design a project of my choosing where I designed a mobile-phone detector, the project greatly helped me build my skills for independent thinking and research, planning and time management all of which I feel that I can apply to this course.

In terms of work experience I have voluntarily worked in a firm which specializes in producing sub-sea gaskets. One of my job duties was to use precision inspection probe equipment to check for defects in completed products by checking dimensions with a pre-set tolerance; the duties of this job allowed me to apply myself in an industrial environment; I believe this will benefit me for the course as I have more understanding on practical thinking and knowledge, according to the university course documentation, one of the modules has a heavy emphasis on laboratory work and I believe that my voluntary work will benefit my performance here. On a personal level, I hope that I can be an asset to the university and I look forward to the opportunity if provided.


I'm Katy!

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