Nothing. No oxygen. Not even a slight soft whisper
of wind to gently tickle your skin. The argent-silver orb had finally descended
after an equitable flight merely rocketing over a three-day soar into the cosmos.

The isolated yet beguiling moon had just embraced
its first astronomers.

The lunar module ‘Eagle’ had sunken into the soft
ashy terrain of the moon: a sudden flurry of air combined with gravel, graciously
elevated, as the lunar module’s ladder made contact with the moon’s untouched
and unexplored terrain. Thunk. Thunk.
Thunk. Loud tedious step after step hits each individual platform of
the ladder. Hwoo… Ha…Hwoo…Ha.
A trapped gasp of air echoes within the mission commander’s mask. Like the sun
stifled by the clouds on a hot summer’s day.  The mission commander’s heavily booted foot leisurely
lands with a soft pfffft on the
moon’s surface. That hard- booted foot gently touching the surface, like an
angel had descended from the heavens, creating a miracle; entrenching in history
for all time with a single step taken that day on the moon.


A single step doubled.

A single step multiplied.

A single step led to a moment that moulded the
boundaries and possibilities of humanity today.

A five-year-old child gazed up at a sky full of
aircraft weaving through the puffy white weightless clouds in rapt amazement. At
a ripe young age, his infatuation with aircraft and the idea of flight propelled
Neil into a reality he aspired to soar into. Neil Alden Armstrong’s love for
flying grew through the constant relocation from home to home. Neil was as determined
as a fisherman to hook in that golden catch to pursue his love of aviation and he
obtained a student’s flight certificate at the young age of sixteen even before
obtaining his driver’s license.

Flight was integral to Armstrong’s soul and he thus
channelled this love through the study of aeronautical engineering: the
studying of building and developing aircrafts. He was even accepted by the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology but he later decided against attending.  At the age of eighteen, Neil was called to
join the United States Navy. Neil became a qualified Naval Aviator and took his
initial ground of action in the Orient. His plane was targeted by anti-aircraft
artillery and a large portion of the wing became dismantled before a disordered
emergency ejection sent him gliding towards the opposite direction of safety
where miraculously he was picked up by his friend from flight school. His
heroic service was admirable as he flew many Combat Missions, receiving gold
stars, a Korean service medal and an engagement star for flying in the navy.

Neil Armstrong is a name that is associated with being an
American hero and icon to the world. Whether it be his actions before the Apollo
11 space mission, or the very moment on the day as the first man in history to
walk on the moon; it is evident that Armstrong was a man that many still admire,
look up to and share common passions and intuition in their own nature based on
his hard work and his dedication to his passion.

Since then, the world of astronomy has expanded and evolved
to that of discovering new planets, stars and potentially the start of life on
the planet Mars. There have been many inventions and new discoveries since that
first step on the moon. As amazing as those discoveries are, nothing has quite
matched the awe of Armstrong’s moon walk. There has been no other man who has
been as well- known for his famous flight as Armstrong and it is highly
probable that he will always be remembered for this remarkable achievement.

 I do not share that
fond love for aircraft like Neil did, however, I believe that I share his level
of dedication which I apply to my academic abilities. I can apply the same work
ethic to pursue what I love and achieve the impossible. I feel that I have
gained insight and knowledge from Armstrong’s story and have faith that I too have
the ability to make a mark in history.


A single step.

A single step that will double.

A single step to lead to a moment that will further mould the
boundaries and possibilities of humanity.

One small step for me…

‘One giant leap for mankind’.






















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