If you live in North America, most likely you travel a lot between the USA and Canada – either for work or leisure purposes. While crossing the border you probably were interested in the extra line, which is usually shorter and faster. That line is for NEXUS-card holders, who tend to cross the border more frequently than regular travelers. Indeed, NEXUS-card was created for preapproved travelers to speed up their border crossings. Since NEXUS-card holders don’t carry anything that is supposed to be declared they can cross the border between U.S. and Canada faster. However, some NEXUS-card owners make a mistake thinking that they have a privilege not to declare their goods. That’s completely wrong; they have to declare as well as regular travelers. More than anything, for not obeying the rules, they have signed with applying for a NEXUS-card, they are going to be punished even more strictly than regulars. They can get their NEXUS-card confiscated right away along with a bad border crossing history, which may lead to the problems and difficulties in the future.Here are main points, which every NEXUS-card holder must keep in mind while traveling between the USA and Canada:-    While declaring your goods, make sure you provide the CORRECT value for duty. Double-check your math and converting. –     If you purchase something expensive at private sales (such as craigslist, etc.), make sure you provide an invoice with an adequate price. Otherwise, the officer has a right to find the original listing and there are going to be consequences (penalty). –    Make sure you have all the receipts for the declared goods.-    Sometimes officers might actually see or smell the goods (for example, luggage or purse), which are obviously new.-    If you declare alcohol, make sure you list the types of it.-    If you spent less than 48 hours outside Canada, make sure you pay duty and taxes on alcohol. –    Make sure you declare goods purchased at a Canadian duty-free store prior to your travel outside Canada.-    Make sure you declare currency exceeding $ 10,000 CDN when arriving in Canada.-    If you agree to pay an administrative monetary penalty, it means that you admit you have broken the rules, and you might lose your NEXUS-card RIGHT AWAY.-    If you have commercial goods, DON’T use the NEXUS line.-    If in your motor vehicle there is a person without a NEXUS-card, DON’T use the NEXUS line.-    Make sure you have your passport with you!Summing up, even if you are a happy NEXUS-card owner, make sure you accurately follow the rules, read the document you’ve signed one more time, and be safe on your upcoming trips.If your NEXUS-card is already confiscated, contact us for a consultation!


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