If for any web page it is important to appear among the first results of Google search, for an ecommerce or online store appear among these first results is paramount.Since, in most cases, when users are looking to buy a product online, they tend to keep the first web pages that Google throws, without even going to the second page of results.Therefore, SEO (or search engine positioning ) in an ecommerce becomes very important if we want to stand out from our competition and get users to opt for our website.Therefore, here is a series of tips to develop a good SEO strategy in an ecommerce:Conduct a keyword studyTo carry out a complete study of words and that nothing escapes, we must make a list of all the products or services offered in the online store.

Subsequently, we must check both the volume of searches and the competition of them through the Keyword Planner Google Adwords.We can also rely on Google Instant to see what the search engine suggests in relation to words and observe related searches .Finally, at the time of choosing a few words or other, we must find a balance between searches and competition, trying to find the words with the lowest competition and with more searchesAnalyze the competitionThrough tools like SEMrush, we can analyze our competitors and study why keywords are being positioned . This will help us to know how long it will take to position the words we want and probably will give us new ideas of keywords.Create content for ALL categoriesIt is important that all store categories show additional information to the products they contain.

This information should describe the category itself and detail to the users what types of products they will find in it.If, in addition, this description is optimized for the keyword in question , much better, since we will be more relevant to Google.Create UNIQUE descriptions for productsWe must avoid descriptions provided by the suppliers of products and create original descriptions. Since the suppliers provide the same information to all those who distribute them, which leads to more than one page having the same information.Only by creating our own descriptions will we be able to stand out from the competition and create a differential value that Google will value in a positive way.Use related productsBy using related products in the cards, we manage to force between the pages , since we are creating a series of internal links between them.

In addition, these related products can report more sales if users find them of interest.Avoid 404 errorsIn an ecommerce, it is very frequent that the products run out and do not go back up, which generates 404 errors when the product is eliminated . To avoid these 404 error pages, the most advisable option is to perform a permanent redirect or 301 to the new product or to the category of the product in question.


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