If Caroline from Lilac Girls was in Syria today she would definitely be apart of either a resistance group or an EMS group helping injured civilians. The organization Doctors Without Borders /(Médecins Sans Frontières) is a France based organization providing urgent medical care all over the world. Caroline could help civilians in Syria by working with MSF to provide shelter and medical support to civilians that have been targeted or caught in crossfire. Currently MFS has 8 running medical facilities along the north region of Syria. MSF also provides technical and material support to Syrian medics running field hospitals and clinics along the west region of Syria. MSF’s support is crucial in Syria because several hospitals have been targeted by airstrikes and multiple have been destroyed.  Key hospitals that have been destroyed include a children’s hospital, two surgery specialized hospitals, and the largest general hospital. This is why the MSF’s presence is so important in Syria, without their help patients from the destroyed hospitals would have nowhere else to turn.In Syria there are believed to be as many as 1,000 armed resistance groups  in control of an estimated 100,000 fighters. Most of these groups are small and operate on a local level, but few have emerged as powerful forces with affiliates across the country or formed alliances with other groups that share a similar agenda. The most notable groups are: Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the Islamic Front, and the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front (SILF). These resistance groups collectively aim to topple the Assad regime completely and build an Islamic state. To achieve this goal the resistance groups smuggle thousand of weapons in for their fighters similarly to how Jewish resistance groups would smuggle in weapons to have a greater chance against the Nazi soldiers. In Lilac girls we learn that 17 year old Kasia joins a resistance group and is ultimately arrested by Nazi soldiers. This relates to Syrian resistance groups because many people that join these groups are right around the young ages of 17 or 18 just like Kasia.


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