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If I could change one world event I would choose the Holocaust. The Holocaust is the genocide of the Jews led by anti-Semetic German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler which resulted in the killing of six million innocent European Jews. The Holocaust took place from January 30, 1933 to May 8, 1945. In 1933, the German Nazi Party came up with a plan to murder and persecute Jews to “clean” Germany. This plan was called the Final Solution. The Nazi’s plan began with opening working concentration camps and detracting basic rights from Jews. For example, German Jews could not have a job in a certain profession, they could not travel on public transportation, Jews over the age of six were forced to wear a yellow star on their clothing, and they were prohibited from leaving Germany. The plan later escalated and death camps were opened all across Europe, and Jewish homes, bussinesses, and synagogues were destroyed and burnt down by the Nazis. At least three million people were killed at the German death camps. Around twelve million people were killed as a result of the violence throughout the Holocaust. The victims targeted and killed by the Nazis were not only Jews but also Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma, disabled people, gypsies, and homosexuals. I would change this world event because it is one of the world’s greatest tragedies, it resulted in the mass killing of several million people, and human beings were not treated or thought of as equals because of the preconceived opinions and judgement based on their religion, country, or sexual orientation. I think that if this event was changed there would be a higher population of Jews. I think that there would be a higher population of Jews because about thirty-five point three percent of the world Jewish population was killed during the Holocaust and the Jewish population still hasn’t been able to restore its population from the 1940s. I also think that Germany would have more political allies. I think that if this event was changed, people would also not know nearly as many of the dangers of running a dictatorship government. It is imperative that people are educated on the Holocaust to teach of the consequences and effects of antisemitism, prejudice, and hate.