If we look back upon the very beginning of industrialisation, in the late 1800s, after the civil war. At first the U.S.

Economy was based on agriculture, using the land for farming, and the raising of cattle but the predominant workforce was by slaves. Slavery was mainly down in the southern parts of america, but only wealthy Plantation owners could afford them. For the slaves work was done by hand, this technique was hard but, it took a while for slaves use the technique,  but it made their days go slower. But now all these inventions like the Cotton Gin (invented by Eli Whitney) or the Reaper (invented by Cyrus McCormick) did increase the need for slaves but also began the introduction of industrialism. Slaves lives were now changing dramatically, the Cotton Gin increased the demand of slaves and their work. Their days were now faster, longer, and struggling more and however slaveholders were getting richer and richer. The economy and people were thriving.

People suddenly began to realize the positive impact of machines, and everybody wanted them. Factories made production with much more efficiently, but it also took people’s jobs. But not all people who owned these factories were morally prevalent, people like Rockefeller or carnegie took over certain aspects of the economy. Rockefeller took over the oil industry, rising prices to his benit and Carnegie took over the railroads almost identically Rockefeller took over the oil industry. Machines and factories started taking over the economy very fast, a economy that was once worker based is now a machinery based. That’s a very big change to go through. Advertisement for items the Reaper were around in the late 1800s, improving the knowledge of machines like this and improving the demand for these machines as well (Whiteley, Fassler, Kelly). An economy that was once worker based, overhauling to a machinery  had a negative because the machines did people’s job faster and more efficiently, forcing many people to lose their jobs.


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