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If you take a minute out to think about how fast technology is changing around you, your mind will be blown away, just to realize that we are advancing at a rate, where we can hardly adapt to what was in the market yesterday, while there’s something completely new out there today. Just take a look at your mobile phone, maybe you bought the most expensive phone in the market a couple of months ago, but mostly there’ll be something better than that in the market today, now that would upset not a lot of people, but certainly it makes 100% of the marketers happy. India crossed the 1 billion mobile phone subscribers market in 2016, and that’s just called the beginning for one of the most populous country in the world.If you had been living under a rock for about 15 years, you might have not heard about social Media Marketing, however here’s the definition.Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing (SMM) refers to techniques that target social networks and applications to spread brand awareness or promote particular products. Social media marketing campaigns usually centre around:Establishing a social media presence on major platformsCreating shareable content and advertorialsCultivating customer feedback throughout the campaign through surveys and contestsSocial media marketing is perceived as a more targeted type of advertising and is therefore believed to be very effective in creating brand awareness. 1Gone are the days, where it was impossible to reach people unless you had deep pockets and could put out billboards or TV & Newspaper ads, new forms of marketing are taking over these conventional ways, and for the good. However they represent their own set of challenges for the marketers. But let’s take a look at what makes these social media platforms this attractive.Number of Active Users: Popular Social Media Platforms 2:Facebook: 2 BillionYoutube: 1.5 BillionFacebook Messenger: 1.3 BillionInstagram: 700 MillionTwitter: 328 MillionSnapchat: 255 millionLinkedin: 106 millionLooking at these numbers would certainly leave marketers open – mouthed, as it has never been easier to reach these many people this easily, companies are heavily involved in spending money on these platforms, advertising, creating content, just to attract their tribes, but everyone’s seems lost. Transparency was the highlight of this new marketing, which let it win, head over head, on conventional marketing. But nobody knows where there money is going.Social Media Marketing generally makes up, the most of an organization’s digital marketing budget. Everyone is using social media, however according to a nationwide survey of top US marketers done by AMA and Duke University, only 15% of marketers are being able to show the impact of social media on business.From the report:45% have not been able to show the impact yet.40% have a good qualitative idea, but no idea about any quantitative impact. 3Soft Metrics Vs Hard Metrics”80% of marketers in the US measure effectiveness of their content on social media with LIKES”Soft Metrics such as followers, likes etc hardly correlate to an action or purchase, which is usually the biggest problem concerning social media, “so your latest post got 2k likes, so WHAT?”.  Successful marketers are inclining more towards hard metrics that include conversions and sales. These Hard Metrics tell you a story, for not only making social media marketing decisions, but also decisions about customer service, sales and R.For example:Eventbrite which allows events to sell tickets and registrations online, found out that Facebook was their top referring website, their clients were using Facebook to attract people and bring them to Eventbrite, people were also sharing these posts, before and after buying their tickets/registrations. The company used Facebook’s Application program interface (API) and added sharing features to its own products. Firm’s top social metrics are calculated this way:” You do not need hundreds of digital metrics to measure your digital campaigns”In order to make the most of Social Media, you need to clearly identify your objectives. This is a framework that can help you:Now, for an instance, you were interested in increasing your Brand strength. This is how your framework will look like:Goals: Enhancing Brand StrengthObjective/s: Introducing Brand to new potential consumers.Strategies to Support objectives: Use Social Media to expand brand’s reach                                                             Increase engagement with content                                                             Increase awareness towards new productsTactics: Develop Content that can be easily shared               Engage in a conversation with the influencers of your industry               Don’t focus on every social Media platform, use most effective three               Create a Hastag for discount codes.Possible KPI’s*: Engagement by content type                           Visit per page and time spent                           Conversation drivers* Key performance Indicators (KPI’s) type of performance measurement, used to measure success in an activity engaged.With increasing complexities of these supposedly, easy to reach, advertising ways, understanding the impacts of it can be quite big of a challenge. It is needed to have clear goals and underlying tasks that are required to achieve them.