Imagine that it is 2047 and a man has just awoken.  The man goes about his normal morning routine, he wheels himself into the shower. After the shower he goes into his kitchen and makes himself breakfast.

Then he puts on his gucci jacket and clout goggles. But wait–before this man leaves for work he suits up with his essential performance enhancing equipment. He puts on his Installed his bionic arms which allows him to carry things that are extremely heavy.

He also puts on his bionic legs which allows him to run at the speed of light. Finally he sinks up his cerebral microchip which boosts his IQ by 79%. This world sounds too incredible to believe, but our world is quickly approaching this state through the use of bionics.  According to the article “Bionic limbs, “bionic technology is the study of mechanical systems that function like living organisms or parts of living organisms.

The question remains, does bionic technology present helpful benefits, or does it present harmful risks to our world? Bionic technology, on the whole, provides more benefits than risks to society. These benefits include helping the injured and military upgrades. These bionics can save, and help millions of people around the world from those with disabilities to those without. For example there are many of prosthetics and chips that allow people to have limbs that they have lost. One of the cips allows Mary to control her arm, which she lost control of do to a spinal injury.( Are bionic superhumans on the horizon).

Another reason that bionics are helping more than hurting is in some cases people that have had curebrial implants, their IQ have increased by at least 10% on a 100% scale. (Are bionic superhumans on the horizon?) A man named Hug Hur was caught in an avalanche climbing a mountain. In this avalanche he lost his arm, but he didn’t go without an arm he was provided with a prosthetic limb. Some believe that since they are part human still that they are going to have feeling and it’s going to become a robot apocalypse,but scientists are putting in a great amount of time and effort into making this project a success. However helping the injured is not all bionics are used for. They are also used to help the military, for instance one of the bionic projectes is named “BLEEX” this project allows them to carry 70 pounds of wight, but it only feels like they are carrying 5 (How biomechatronics work).

Also the military /has made a bodysuit for field soldiers this suit allows the men to take a great deal of heat (they can survive explosions) “How biometrics work”.  Scientist and military personnel are putting in great time and effort into this project, so all in all bionics are helping more than hurting.   All of these cases are why bionics are helping people and the military more than harming them.As the evidence demonstrates, bionics are more helpful than harmful.

  Although some believe that upgrading your body is a sin and that a robot apocalypse is going to rain over, this is not the case because scientists are working hard to bring people new arms, legs, hands, and feet. Consider the benefits of bionics, say you lost an arm or a leg would you want to go the rest of your life without that limb, or would you want to have a bionic prosthetic. For these reasons, bionics can help a lot more people if it develops and not become a robot apocalypse.


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