Immigration is a big issue in today’s society.

Immigration is the topic in the book American Street by Ibi Zoboi. Fabiola and her mom, ManMan, are from Haiti and were coming to live in America for a better life. The customs stopped her mother at the airport and asked for identification.  Customs are people who are over deportation. They did not let ManMan onto the plane ; Fabiola had to leave her mom behind and continue on with her life. Fabiola was born in the United States so she is a U.S. citizen.

Her mother was on a visa pass  the time expired while she was in America years ago.   When she tried to come back and restart her life in America they didn’t let her because she overstayed her visit. Her older cousin Chantal is also from Haiti but stays  in America. According to papers, she don’t suppose to be in America. She consider herself as a “resident alien.” Chantal says, ” The borders don’t care if we’re all human and my heart pumps blood the same as everyone else’s.

“Yes, building a wall will keep immigrants out of the United States but that is racial profiling and not right. In 1986 Ronald Reagan was the last president to pass major immigration reform. Donald Trump wants to build a wall between the U.S and Mexico.

In the article, “Immigration Overview” it states that Trump , ” pledged to build an impenetrable wall between the U.S. and Mexico and to immediately round up and deport ‘criminal aliens’.” The Republicans believe that security at the border separating the U.

S. and Mexico is the most important thing. Other Republicans would grant immigrants citizenship and give them the right to vote.

Democrats, on the other hand more or less agree on how to reform immigration policy.For an example, Donald Trump believes that a wall should be separating the United States and Mexico. He believes that the wall will keep immigrants out of the United States. He believes that people who are not in the United States legally is a safety concern for Americans. Trump said , “He will immediately round up and deport ‘criminal aliens'” Trump signed an executive action for the border wall to happen. He wants Mexico to pay for expenses which will be $20 milion. He scheduled the welcome of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to the White House. Donald Trump said, “I’m just telling you there will be a payment.

It will be in a reform, perhaps a complicated form.”The people are not the only one affected by the border wall, the environment is too. The  border wall will cause a lot of problems in the environment.

The wall will cause: Mortality caused by construction activity, enforcement  vehicles, stress and loss of habitat and access to resources. It will reduce available food sources for the Big bend National Park’s dozens of protected and endangered species. In the article, “Border Wall is a recipe for ecosystem disaster, park conservationists” it states that , “increased human activity on both sides of the border due to construction and monitoring of a wall would drive species away from a natural point of meeting. Conservationists fear this would further isolate them, which would hurt the whole species.” The big national park in texas have mexican black bears.

They were killed off during the ranching era. They disappeared on the American side of the border around the 1940s, because people were hunting and poisoning them. The bear survived on the Mexican side of the border. In the late 1980s a black bear and cub moved to the U.s side. By 1999, there were 343  bears  spotted on the American side of the river.

The border runs to the deepest part of the Rio Grande’s river channel. Park ranger Jeanette Juraldo is worried about the plants. There would be a lot of plants affected by this wall. The bears will start to inbreed because they couldn’t mate. That would lead to genetic disorders and weaken the health of their offspring.


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