Impact of formal methods on Avionics:Formal Methods are being incorporated in the aircraft and spacecraft software design and verification process.

Pete Manolios, USA, focuses on integrated modular avionics, verification cost and system integration. Marc Pantel, FRANCE, focuses on developing embedded systems in avionics and safety requirements. Guillaume Brat, NASA, USA, focuses on sound, precise and scalable static analyses of flight control system.Impact of formal methods on Automobile:The automobile industry is rapidly changing from a mechanical industry to one driven by innovation in electronics and embedded software. Many new safety and convenience features are being designed in the presence of traffic and whether condition, driving skills level, road condition, formal methods is needed. Impact of formal methods on Virus-malware:Researchers in academia and industries are beginning to develop anti-virus technologies founded on formal methods of analyzing programs.

These methods with mathematical foundations have mostly been developed for optimizing compliers and more recently for hardware and software verification. Present malware detection tools are operates by searching for pattern matches with respect to signatures of known malware. These detectors generally in capable of identifying newly released malware. We need formal method to investigate the malware detection and behavior.Impact of formal methods on Telecommunications:Telecommunication services is defined as a service that is provided by the public switched telephone network. The main system requirements of telecommunication services is to communicate between user and devices and interaction between two communication systems with one another. Some characteristics of telecommunication services are concurrency, distribution, relativity, code size, complexity, large scale environment, reliability, availability, interoperability etc.

The telecommunications industry has developed many standards for fulfilling the requirements and characteristics.Mostly SDL (Specification Description Language), Z and PROMELA specifications languages are used in the Telecommunication industry. Impact of formal methods on Defense:            The use of Formal Methods is mandatory for certain classes of military software. The major problems are the integration of different components and subsystems, such as radar, electronic support measures, navigation, communication and mission data processing. Colored Petri Nets is one of the formal specification language and graphical oriented modelling language for the design, specification and verification of distributed systems. One of the key technical challenge of defense is to develop high assurance safety critical cyber system. Formal methods based approach is the best way to construct and produce a machine checkable proof that satisfies functional specifications as well as security and safety policies.



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