Impacts on the family unit(Afghanistan):
to report by United Nations Over 50% of the family members interviewed said
that they were hit by a drug-addict from their family. One of the interviewees
stated that she advised a drug addicted family member to stop drugs and she got
hit hardly by him.

Impacts on Community(Afghanistan):
than 80% of the Government officials met interviewed claimed that substance use
in their community was negatively affecting the work of their associations. The
production of a negative atmosphere in the working environment and more
propensity for corruption were among the results recorded by those

Impacts on
Health (Mexico): decrease
the work ability of the immune system, which increases probability of
infections. In addition to that, it causes nausea and vomiting.



Impacts on
Economics (United States):

 What did I learn?

I learned the
impacts of drug addiction and how dangerous is it. There are many impacts of
drug addiction such as economic impacts, health impacts, impacts on community
and impacts on family.

In addition,
before this research I had a general background about drug addiction and its
impacts, but now I learned and researched the impacts specifically.


Implemented the
interdisciplinary research perspective. The interdisciplinary research is
researching from different fields of study. Researched drug addiction impacts
from different majors like health, economics, community and family. Please
refer to the notes part regards the implementation of the interdisciplinary

Islamic Perspective:
perspective on research, knowledge and action to serve humanity. Knowledge
and research: the Islamic approach agrees with the interdisciplinary
approach in regards to researching and evaluating information from different
majors or fields of study to gain different point of views. Action: from
an Islamic perspective, the human is god’s representative on earth. Goal: being
god’s representative on earth is beyond fasting, prayer and pilgrimage. It is
serving humanity and trying to make the world a better place. Example: as
god representative on earth, I will increase awareness about drug addiction in
schools and organizations so people will be aware of this current issue.



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