In both the movie and the novel, Gatsby’s funeral service turns out rather unfortunate. In the film and book, Daisy doesn’t come to the funeral.

Nick was not impressed when Gatsby didn’t return his call in the book. Nick showed up to the funeral in the movie and book. Nick was the only person to show up to his funeral in the movie. Be that as it may, in the novel, two individuals appear to Gatsby’s memorial service: his dad and Owl Eyes, who was met prior in the book at Gatsby’s library. In the movie, no one appears to come to the funeral, which adds to the depression felt by the gathering of people.

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This greatness of depression was not felt by the read of the novel, which changes the feeling depicted in the last scenes. It’s quite interesting as to why the movie production would have made the funeral scene more sad unhappy than it already was. Perhaps they wanted a the film to be more unique from the book. It’s more realistic for no one to go to his funeral than anyone. Gatsby impressed huge crowds of people, and they never even cared for him personally. His father is proud of his son, but it doesn’t really show until the end of the story.

Gatsby talked about his father once in the book but it didn’t give us a clue about their relationship. Owl eyes might be one of the single people that actually cared and/or went for moral support. The funeral in the novel and the film really says something about Gatsby’s character, thus making it interesting as to why they’re different scenes in both. In conclusion, F. Scott Fitzgerald did an amazing job writing this novel and Baz Luhrmann created a terrific film off of the book. They are different in their own appreciable ways. Even though we are at this point in the world where we’re very advanced and way more modern than the “Roaring 20’s”, the movie created eighty-nine years later lives up to the standards of the book. Jay Gatsby is perceived more violent in the movie, as we know from seeing him lose his temper on Tom Buchanan.

In the book, he seems more innocent because he didn’t get as vicious. Gatsby’s death scenes, both portrayed differently, are special and fit the views for people reading the book, and the twist in the movie makes it more interesting and realistic watching. Lastly, his funerals, depressing in both the movie and book, really added touch to the story for both being different. It helps that in the book they had more people at the funeral, otherwise the funeral scene might not be imaginable. In the movie, the people weren’t necessary and cutting them out made the story more touching. Gatsby’s character can be viewed contrastingly in both the novel and film, but these differences helped to make a more effective book, quality wise, as well as an excellent and moving movie.


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