In our world today we have something known as the United Nation, U.N.

 The U.N is an international organization that was founded in 1945,  it is currently made up of 193 countries.  The U.N was set up so that governments around the world could develop relations and help maintain world peace.  Over the past few years the U.

N has begun to fall apart.  So that leads to the question is it time for the U.S to leave the U.

N or should we remain in it?  In recent years in the U.S there has been a constant debate over this question.  Some believe we are paying too much to the U.N every year,  while others believe we should not  leave the U.N because of the all good it does.

The first part of this debate is asking if the United States should leave the U.N.  ” Congressional republicans want to defund the U.N, a 193- nation boondoggle for which the United States alone pays well over a quarter of the freight- about 22 percent of the regular operating budget, and close to 30 percent of the much larger peacekeeping budget (for which we get more scandal than peace).” (Andrew, McCarthy).  This quote is saying the United States is paying ridiculous amounts of money to the U.N every year.

 Andrew McCarthy is a former assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.  One thing is though,  McCarthy does seem to be bias to the republican party.  ”  Based on the last Obama administration budget,  the United States provided $1.

2 billion to the U.N. over two years.  But that’s just for the U.N.’s regular budget.

 There are over a dozen other U.N. agencies and operations that American dollars also support.

 The single largest is peacekeeping with a price tag of about $7.8 billion this year alone.  The U.S. share of that cost is over 28 percent, or $2.2 billion.”  (Jon Greenberg).  This quote gives the amount of money the United States pays to the U.

N.  The United States funds a very large portion of the U.N and its agencies.  Jon Greenberg is a former reporter for the National Public Radio, he also has won awards from the Society of  Professional Journalism for investigating journalism. ” At one time the was a respected organization. It played an important role in international negotiations, building diplomatic bridges and attempting to keep or broker peace during times of war and conflict.

That’s not the case any longer. The has become a broken-down and dysfunctional organization, controlled by members who don’t respect individual rights and freedoms, democratic elections, free markets, and the safety and security of all citizens. Western nations should consider leaving the and starting a League of Democracies. This organization would promote essential principles such as liberty, democracy, and individual rights and freedoms, while excluding countries that support terrorism.”(Michael Taube).

 This is explaining that the U.N is no longer a respected organization because they do not respect simple things such as individual rights and freedoms.  Michael Taube is a public affairs analyst and political commentator, and former speechwriter for Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

  The second part of this argument is stating that the U.S should remain in the U.N. ” The United Nations is the preeminent institution of multilateralism. It provides a forum where sovereign states can come together to share burdens, address common problems, and seize common opportunities. The UN helps establish the norms that many countries — including the United States — would like everyone to live by.”(Shashi Tharoor).  This quote is stating that the United States needs the U.

N because it helps set up laws and rules that everyone should live by.  Also the U.N is a way for nations that are struggling to come together and discuss what is going on and what they can do to prevent things.  Shashi Tharoor is an author, a politician, and a former international civil servant.  He served in the government of india as well.   “The United Nations is an association of sovereign States, one of which is the United States.

 In that association, for a number of reasons, the United States holds a unique position.First, the United States is by far the strongest military power in the world.  Its economy is by far the biggest.

 Its culture is admired, respected and imitated by many countries, even if admiration and respect are, inevitably, sometimes tinged with envy and resentment.It follows that this super-Power is bound to play a leading role in any Organization that it belongs to.  The idea that a peaceful and prosperous world could be organized without the active engagement and cooperation of the United States is not credible.Second, the United States has always been a country of practical visionaries — a land of ideals, of looking to the future.  It is no surprise that we owe the very existence of the United Nations to a great American President:  Franklin D.

Roosevelt.”(Kofi Annan).  This is saying the U.N needs the United States because the United States has qualities that no other nation in the world has.  The U.N needs the U.

S to be a leader.  Kofi Annan served as the Secretary General of the United Nations from 1997 to 2006, he also won a nobel peace prize. ” We have known for a long time that what happens beyond our borders affects our security and our economy, and that we ignore turmoil abroad at our own peril. Nuclear proliferation threatens the security of us all, regardless of nationality. If not checked, the impact of climate change will be truly global, albeit felt in different ways.

Threats to freedom and universal human rights anywhere stain our collective conscience. Terrorism and transnational crime pay no heed to national borders; pandemic disease requires no passport to move quickly from one country to the next. We know that conflict and instability, even when it is half a world away, can unleash these and other dangers.

 Americans benefit immensely from globalization and the interconnections it brings with peoples around the globe. Here, in one of the tourism and commerce capitals of the world, you instinctively understand that more than most.”(Esther Brimmer).  This is saying that the United States benefits from the U.

N because it allows us to know about global issues and what’s going on in other countries.  Esther Brimmer is the assistant secretary, and the bureau of international organization affairs.  After doing my research I have come to the conclusion that the U.

S should leave the U.N.  I do also think that the U.N does do a lot of good, but I think that the United States is paying a lot of money to fund everything.  I think if the United States reduces the amount of the money it pays every year we could stay in the U.

N.  Also I think that the majority of the U.N does not share the same economic principles as the U.S.

 Most of the countries involved in the U.N are socialist countries, while the United States is a capitalist country.  For these reasons I believe the U.S should leave the U.NWork Cited Page   


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