In our assigned area, tourist attractions were scarce. This might be because the area is too packed with hotels, bars and restaurants. There were a few attractions such as the Classic Car Museum, the ‘Elvis Tribute Bar and Diner’, and a scuba diving centre.

These  attractions might not be the reasons as to why a tourist might choose to go to Bugibba, but it is an added extra to their stay.One main attractions that is advertised all over Malta is the Classic Car Museum which is located within the area, near the bus terminus.  It is a large museum with a collection of different types of cars going back almost 80 years ago. Most of the cars are classics dating back from the 1940s and 1950s which are all displayed in perfect condition, and set among various scenes which are portrayed from the 20th Century. The cars can range from the classics to the latest such as Ferraris, BMW’s and Mercedes. Apart from cars, the museum has a vast selection of classic motorbikes and other collectibles related to the car industry.

 There are restaurants that offer different types of cuisine such as typical Italian, Chinese, Maltese, Thai offer very appetising food at a reasonable price. Some tourists would prefer going to a pub, to eat a delicious yet simple meal ‘fish and chips’ which is a perfect night to spend in the area of Bugibba.In the area, there is an unique bar called ‘The Elvis Tribute Bar and Diner’ which is decorated with Elvis memorabilia. This happens to be a small bar with cheap drinks and great entertainment. It is a great place to go if tourists are looking  for a ‘chilled night out’ with old kind of music and a live performance by Elvis impersonator.’Neptunes Diving’ is a scuba diving centre which is situated in the area, where it is only two minutes walk from the bus terminus. The Maltese archipelago includes the island of Malta, Gozo and Comino which is one of the jewels of the region.

The centre conducts courses, try dives and general diving with the instructors who explains either in English or German throughout the year. Whether tourists are experienced divers or just stating out underwater adventures or seeking out the thrill and excitement for the tourist first underwater experience.


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