In “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, oppression can be seen in various forms. Louise Mallard is a caring wife afflicted with heart trouble and is delivered the shocking news impacting her marital status.  Due to her condition her sister Josephine carefully reveals the death of her husband, insisting that it would be a harm to her. It is noticeable that throughout the whole story Josephine is concerned over her wellbeing. Even though it was was expected that Mrs.Mallard’s happiness would be set seeing her husband Brently Mallard with life, it was actually her distress and reason which caused her sudden death. During the the time frame in which the book was written, individual’s gender determined individual roles . Because of her husband’s unexpected death the text reads, “there would be no one to live for,” indicating that there was much value in the male figure. Mrs. Mallard no longer had to feel subordinated by her husband. The phrase “she would live for herself,”  gives away that Louise had no children which rely on her. Not having children in the late-nineteenth-century meant the failure. Being a widow she would be unable to fulfill her role as woman because a male figure would be needed to complete it. Overall, her existence meant living for others and not for herself.Marriages were patriarchal making women feel less confident and as a piece of property. Women lived lives filled with oppression which they were often forced to get used to. The way Mrs.Mallard felt also affected her physical appearance as described in the phrase “”lines bespoke repression.” Louise Mallard goes through a series of emotional changes in which she feels hollow at the beginning but then her thoughts express,”free! Body and soul free!,” as she turns eager to notice that she is liberated from her husband. Positive imagery is described throughout the text such as “”patches of blue sky showing here and there through the clouds.” Freedom and liberation gave her a new outlook on life.


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