In Chai (Tea) party is simply talking and

2007 when my buddies and family addressed me as an “Orkut addict” it did no
longer bother me; in fact, I had this mystery delight in being called someone
who has mastered something that was turning famous amongst the humans during that

did enter India, first; however, amongst us, Orkut become a runaway hit.

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with its personal scrapbook and testimonial features attracted me and made me
spend more time with it.

Luckily, throughout my Orkut years, I had stumbled and later
discovered the smart use of social media for a laugh, friendship, extreme
networking, profession, and so on.

But when I got into college in 2009 for my graduation the
Facebook era started!!

It had become very famous amongst the Indian college students because
it gave us lot extra possibilities of amusement, engagement, and networking.

However, how did Facebook entice me so strongly? An easy though
very effective device referred to as “Gaming” could make your audience live
positioned with you throughout.

The magnetic nature of gaming is infectious. I introduced fb
to my siblings and buddies. Coaching them about the global poker with virtual
chips, made my more youthful brother addicted to it.

My orthodox Indian dad and mom blamed me for being the
basis-motive of bringing within the family a westernized way of life of using
net 24/7.

Here is how I convinced them on “What is Social Media?”

Social media is
almost equivalent to the Indian evening social gatherings where a couple of men
meet at a tea stall or bar and a couple of ladies meet at a common place in
their locality to discourse daily life. In a real-life incident, usually people
discourse conversations with the known individuals of the same locality
(network), sometimes with the individuals recommended by other members in the
locality (recommendation/referral based) and sometimes when there is someone
new in the locality and he/she join the conversation in the group by
introducing himself/herself (friendship request/seeking for networking).

(Tea) party is simply talking and listening while social media communication substances to more, including YouTube videos, blog posts, tweets, status updates,
photographs, and polls that result in technologically advanced conversations.

Now as I see my mom posing for photographs asking if I will
post on Facebook, I wonder how social media has become one with us—it is no
more a western thing.

realized that social media is a completely critical factor for entrepreneurs and greater for folks
who are looking at adapting it as a tool for advertising and marketing.

was it, that is what I want to do all the time and what I truly love.

I was in a situation that with a full-time job I can’t go back to college to
learn about digital marketing, my only option was online education.

Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree had a real meaning and structure for me
which offers real world teaching/training experience through live campaigns and

includes a Nanodegree Certification curated by the companies that influence and
shape the digital marketing industry like Google, Facebook, HubSpot, Hootsuite,
Mailchimp and Moz by aligning different partners with the topics for which they
are best known.