In deal. Social class is one of the

the 1920s, Social class was a big deal. Social class is one of the major themes
in the novel The Great Gatsby. Social
class has a great influence in the book, due to the roles its characters
played.  The main focus in The Great Gatsby is the
inter-relationships of people in 1920 which showed the differences between all
the social classes of that time. Nick Carraway the narrator was from the middle
class; but his Cousin Daisy and her husband Tom were part of the Upper class;
while the Wilson’s are from the lower class. In the Great Gatsby

     East egg
was a city where the upper class people lived such as Tom Buchanan, Daisy
Buchanan, Jordan Baker. These were people who happened to be super rich though,
their riches were been inherited. In the society, they were being acknowledged
due to their high social status which enabled them gain power over everyone.
They are absent-minded people who do not care about how much hurt they cause to
others. An example is when

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     Also, West
Egg is another city just like East Egg in which the middle class people lived.
Nick who was the narrator of the book lived in West Egg and his neighbour
Gatsby. Unlike East Egg, the people who stayed here worked for their riches. This
is a city where the wealthy tend to keep away from. They struggled and where
involved in all sorts of things all to earn a living. Nick seemed to be
contented with his way of living because he turned down Gatsby’s offer for

there was a small city called Valley of Ashes which was between West and East
Egg. It was being referred to as a “solemn dumping ground” (F.Scott 1925, pg
27). It was being looked down on and regarded as a filthy place for the lower
class people. It was the home of George and Myrtle Wilson.

     Finally, the relationship between George
Wilson, Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway and Tom Buchanan explains the social
standings of the 1920. The novel manifests the difference in social class of
that time. Cars were used as a symbol of wealth, the wealthy characters such as
Tom and Gatsby had cars compared to George who fix cars to earn a living. Tom
looked down on George and Gatsby due to his riches. He seemed to be envious of
Gatsby’s Mansion and went further into enquiring his source of money. He
disrespected George by having an affair with his wife, Myrtle. The difference
in social class in the 1920s was really emphasized in The Great Gatsby.