In addition, environmental ethics can be defined as the interaction of human with nature. In a business sense, environmental ethics is considered as a company’s responsibility to protect the environment (Kenneth V. Onset, n.d.). Public awareness of the environmental damage that caused by human action has driven a demand for protecting, mending, and preserving rather than harming or destroying the natural environment. As the public awareness gradually increase, businesses get started to take part and participate in environmental business ethics to avoid our environment getting harm (Neo-Classical Theory). Sustainability development is an important topic that all business owners should take into consideration when running their business. Environmental sustainability in the business world involves making decisions that are in the interests of protecting the natural world. While some may argue that environmental sustainability is not the responsibility of businesses (Classical Theory). However, environmental sustainability is becoming an effective way to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. Environmentally sustainable can help to improve your public image as consumers prefer product and services that are not harmful to the environment.

 Acceptance of responsibility for environmental ethics is demonstrated through the development of corporate environmental strategy. There are a number of simple strategies and option available to the business to help them improve their environmental sustainability. Some of the strategies are developing and acquiring green businesses includes such actions developing green products and packages, conserving energy, reducing waste and recycling. Waste control and prevention mean managing and reducing the amount of waste that your business generates. Businesses can make some simple changes like turning off computers at night and switching to fluorescent lighting can really improve the energy efficiency. Moreover, try using renewable energy and establish the Natural Resource Management for monitoring and limiting your use of natural resources such as water and fossil fuels can help you to reduce your negative impact on the environment (Failte Ireland, n.d.)

            Another major issue in the area of environmental responsibility is pollution. Water pollution results from dumping toxic chemicals and raw sewage into rivers and oceans, oil spills, and the burial of industrial waste in the ground where it may filter into underground water supplies. Air pollution is usually the result of smoke and other pollutants emitted by manufacturing facilities, as well as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons emitted by motor vehicles. Land pollution results from the dumping of residential and industrial waste, strip mining, forest fires, and poor forest conservation. Therefore, the government also take their responsibility to establish related governmental regulations and control this kind of issues. Businesses abide by the governmental regulation is a primary area of concern in environmental business ethics.


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