In Pakistan Murders in the name of honour are prevalent, mostly
in rural areas however some incidence are reported in urban cities of Pakistan.
Named differently according to region, Karo kari in Sindh, kala kali in Punjab,
siyakari in Balochistan, and tor tora in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. according to a
survey (Thomson Reuters Foundation Trust 2011) Pakistan is number three in the
world most dangerous countries for women. In Sindh this is a deep rooted custom, normally its not considered as murder,
and murderers are backed by their families, practiced largly in  tribal areas of  Kashmore, Khairpur, Shikarpur, sukkur, Ghotki
and  Jacobabad..

Exact statistics is unknown due to under-reporting of such
inciden because most of the time they hide it . according to Human Rights
Commission of Pakistan 2012, every year 1000 women and girls are killed in
Pakistan. According to Research and Development for Human Resource for the year
2011 in 2012, 605 women and 115 men were murdered in the name of karo kari. According
to official data published by Pakistani senate in 2004, the highest number of
reported karo kari cases were in Punjab, then in Sindh, then in North_West
Frontier Province and then in South_western Province of Baluchistan.  In sindh Jacobabad is leading in honour
killings around 55 to 60 cases a month(Nafeesa shah, 1998).

In islam killing is not allowed in any way, karo kari is
unislamic practice. If we go back and try to find out the root of honour
killing  in India it may evolved from
custom of sati. According to the custom of satti when a man died woman burn
herself with her husband. During British rule in India Sir Charles James Napier
ban this practice and made a law of punishment. But still that custom was
continued.  Sir Charles james napier
arrived in sindh in 1848 and he banned karo kari in Sindh  as well.  Sindhi culture is not inclined to violence
against woman, They were more focused to their land expansion, wealth.  Now question is how it became a custom of
sindhi culture. It is assumed that its came from baloch tribal areas as they
have intense attitude toward woman. Because of more empowerning resources and good
supply of water in Sindh baloch people started to come to sindh, as soon as
Baloch people moved to sindh cultural changes occurred. And karo kari custom
penetrated in sindhi culture, and today in sindh leading honour killing occurs
in Jacobabad which is highly populated baloch city.

One of reason of honour killing is marriage of choice. In
sindhi culture woman is considered as a property of man, and she cant marry a
man of her choice most of the time father decide for her daughters marriage
adultery, marriage against family, saying No to arrange marriage, divorce demand,
rape victim family enmity. In Sindh woman are 
considered inferior to man and symbol of family respect. If a girl is
raped she is assumed to be a reason of shame for family, and she is killed to
sustain family honour. Many cases are reported for honour killing where
agricultural lands are main resource of income. So many people plot karo kari like
an industry. Another reason can be using the right of khula,if a women commit


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