In today’s world, internet and multimedia technology has become extremely important. It is one such source from which people can obtain information is internet.

People use internet for multiple purposes, right from texting to social media and sending official emails to watching movies and TV series. Streaming media has taken advantage of this internet boom and has penetrated into all fields. This led to people using streaming media for educational as well as entertainment purposes.

Online streaming is increasingly crucial to the smooth functioning of the internet because it allows the people to experience uninterrupted content without downloading all of the files or information before using it. The bandwidth has increased in the last decade and this led to more and more people using streaming media for official and personal purposes. Online streaming media is a compressed form of audio and video content over the internet. Since the media is sent in a continuous stream of data it can be played as the content buffers, also users can pause, rewind or fast-forward the content unless it is being streamed live.

Online video streaming and broadband connections help users around the globe download and watch large video files from their homes. The American company Netflix launched a video streaming website on 2009 where users could watch the most recent sitcoms and films. Netflix brought about a great change in the entertainment industry and led to the disappearance of the mainstream video rental store in North America.

In today’s time audiences demand immediacy and mobility, they expect that the content that they’re looking for must be a click away. Now this is very much possible due to online streaming media, as movies are available on online streaming media just few weeks or months after the release of the movies in theaters and also the entire season of various TV shows are available online.With this new service, users have increasing appetite for new type of content that is why when TV shows release new season it gives rise to binge watching among people between eighteen to thirty four years of age. One such online streaming Media, Netflix have members of different age groups making new record in binge watching various TV shows in which they end up watching the entire season within one week’s time.In India, the most popular online streaming platforms include Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime each competing against each other for getting greater market share in a country like India. With better coverage and advanced technologies like 3G/4G the data consumption has increased in India and this has led to the increase in the number of users for online streaming media.

Hotstar which is one of the major online streaming platforms in India was very recently started in India. It is a product of Star India that provides video on demand through their online medium. Like Hotstar another major competitor in this segment is Amazon prime video.

It also provides online video on demand streaming media and is developed by Amazon. Streaming is an innovative product in the field of online technology which involves both the users and industry.


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