In the year 2001, the
iconic structure was introduced on the license plates of any of the cars that
was registered in Dubai. Unfortunately, the license plate was soon discontinued
in the year 2004 as the conspiracy theories and controversies surrounding the
structure’s resemblance to the Christian cross. Laws in Saudi Arabia state that
any license plate that has an image of the iconic Burj Al Arab is not allowed
to enter the country.  

While designing the structure, it was announced that the hotel
would resemble a sail to represent the culture of the United Arab Emirates, but
Wright had aimed to create a Christian influence on the Muslim country. When the
architect fled from the country after the Burj Al Arab was built, he went back home
and revealed in one of this interviews that he was successfully able to implement
the construction of a Christian cross in Dubai, but now the interview is no
longer available on the webs.

The hotel sits on a private island just about 15 kilometres
away from the one of Dubai’s oldest but luxurious coastal point, Jumeriah. It has
the most unique view of the ravage city. Everyone is allowed to visit and experience
the luxury that the hotel has to offer as long as they are willing to pay the
price that comes along with it. If they guests are not willing to pay the hefty
price of booking a room for an overnight stay, they can always come in and dine-in
at one among the multiple restaurants at the Burj or have a relaxing spa day at
their luxurious spas.

This piece of art was designed by the British architect Tom
Wright in the year 1999. The construction started in 1994 and took 5 years to
complete the structure, 3 years to build the man-made island and 2 years to
build the structure. The Burj was one of Dubai’s first record breaking

Burj Al Arab, translated to “The Arabian Tower” one of the
most iconic landmarks of the United Arab Emirates. Also known to be the only 7-star
hotel in the world. The luxurious hotel stands 321 meters tall and accommodates
202 double floor suite rooms which causes 39% of its architecture being
unusable as a loving space. The average price of a room is $2000 per night and can
go up to $24000 per night.


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