In my paper, I will be focusing on the impact of text messaging on Adolescents’ communication skills in today’s time. The research question that I want to focus on throughout my paper is, “Has the impact of text messaging negatively impacted Adolescents’ communication skills in today’s time”? Text messaging has many disadvantages which include, sleep problems, not being aware of surroundings and increasing poor writing, however, text messaging is the main form of communication between teenagers.

As an adolescent myself, I have personally noticed that text messaging has negatively impacted other teenagers by decreasing their communication skills. This paper argues that text messaging has negatively impacted adolescents’ communication skills in today’s time, ultimately leading to decreased social skills, lack of strong verbal communication skills and an increase in antisocial behaviour.  I believe that text messaging has negatively influenced adolescents’ communication in today’s time, as it has decreased the abilities of teenagers to have face-to-face conversations with peers, and instead increased teenagers to be texting throughout most of their day. In previous generations, text messaging was not the most common form of communication between peers, however, in today’s time, not only is texting the main form of communication, but it is also causing many problems in the behaviours of teenagers.

Personally, I have noticed that many of my peers suffer from lack of strong verbal communication skills, such as, successfully giving a job interview or being able to do public speaking, due to teenagers not getting exposure to direct face-to-face verbal communication as it is not the main type of communication in today’s time. One main behaviour that is often shown by many teenagers is texting someone else and being occupied by their phone even though they are spending time with their friends. Many teenagers simply ignore the people they are sitting beside and forget about verbal communication as they are too busy texting. Not only are teenagers suffering from a lack of strong verbal communication skills, but they are also suffering from being antisocial. As verbal communication decreases and communication through texting increases, teenagers are suffering from being antisocial. The term “antisocial” means that one is not willing to interact with their peers and prefers to keep to themselves.

Due to text messaging, individuals are known as being antisocial because instead of interacting with one another, everyone is busy texting other people on their phones. Throughout my research, I wish to successfully find the answer to my research question by simply trying to understand if the impact of text messaging has had a negative impact on adolescents’ communication skills, and if so, I would like to figure out to what extent and why this is the case.


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