In side of the family is called Rohnson

In this dimension, there is a magical land called Arnia. In this land there is a kingdom ruled by a queen and king. The queen side of the family is called the Star family. The king’s side of the family is called Rohnson family.The magical land was discovered by a gorup of people and one of them was from the Star family. Her name was Arnia Star and out of everyone in that group, she was the only one with special powers, which became very useful when suddenly a group of monsters appeared! They were led by a lizard with the name of Raph. Raph and his group of monsters wanted Arnia and her group to leave. Everyone gave cheers and praise to Arnia saying, “She is our hero.” Then they asked her, “can you be our queen?” With a happy smile she said, “Yes.” This battle is the reason why the land is called Arnia and why there are queens and kings..Grandpa Fiore shoots fire blasts at Raph, but Raph dodges them all. Granma Natoura shoots seeds out of hand. The seeds grow into roots, which graph Raph’s fee. Then Grandpa Lunar and Aunt Meerioa use their combined powers to create a huge red blast, which they shoot at Raph, but then Raph used of his power and turned the red blast into a white blast, obliterating their blast and hitting Grandpa Lunor, Aunt Meteora, Grandma Natoura, and even Uncle Billy.Queen Asteria became furious and used all of hr energy to cause a blast. She fired it at Raph and caused a gigantic explosion. This caused Queen Asteria to be exhausted. Our of nowhere Prince R’hller responded, “She’s done, but I have just begun.” Prince R’hllor’s eyes glowed white and he fired a gigantic white blast at Raph, causing an explosion.Prince R’Hllor’s eyes turned back to normal and he fell to the ground exhausted and out of energy.   Just then, when he thought it was all over,  Prince R’hillor saw Raph barely able to walk, but starting to ocme toward him.   Raph stops in front of Prince R’Hllor, who was on the ground, and said, “Hehe hehe, hehe, heh! You think you have won?   Ha!   You don’t make the plans, I do.   Me! Only I decide how all this turns out.”   Out of nowhere, Little Billy threw a tree at Raph and said, “it turns out you’re dead.”   Everyone who was still conscious started cheering and praising Billy.   All the injured were treated and Grandma Eclipsa and Baby Prince Anemoi came out of hiding.    After that battle there was peace in Arnia again.