In the periods 1450-1750 the Columbian Exchange formed because of new relations between two different parts of the world.

The Columbian Exchange changed the many regions involved in the Columbian Exchange sometimes in good ways, and in others ways no so much.The New World was affected greatly by the interactions with the Old World. The many factors that changed it were diseases, and introductions with new crops, plants, and animals. The interactions with the Old World caused diseases to spread. The people living in the New World had never seen or ever experienced these types of diseases before, which is why they had no immunity against then. Some diseases that affected this region of the world were measles, chicken pox, small pox, yellow fever, and influenza. Many Native Americans died when the Europeans came into their home. Smallpox affected and changed the Native Americans population by a lot.

Half of them died because of the diseases exchanged. Other ways that the Columbian Exchange affected the New World was by the introduction of new crops. Some of the many crops that were brought to the New World were bananas , rice, sugar, wheat, and cotton. This changed the diet of many people,  the new foods and crops became a part of people’s diets in the New World.

 Also, by the introduction of these crops later on slaves would be needed. Another way that this region changed was by the introduction of new animals and livestock. Some new species that were brought over to the New World from the Old World were horses, cattle, pigs, goats, and sheep.. They changed the way some people did things. They also changed the Native Americans lifestyle. Horses were very popular amongst them, it changed the way they did many things.

 These animals also changed the diet of the people of the America’s. These are just some of the many ways that the Columbian Exchange affected the New World. Not only did the New World change because of the Columbian Exchange but so did the Old World. They too, were also affected by diseases but not as greatly as the New World was. The diseases that spread from Americas to the Old World were not as extreme.

Crops that changed this region greatly were corn , potatoes, squash, and beans. Corn changed the people’s diet in this region. Africa changed by the corn that was brought over. It was a very important to their diets. It spread to many regions in the Old World. Also , in some parts of Europe potatoes thrived very quickly.

 Tobacco was also introduced to the Old World. Although the Old World was not affected as much as the New World was , they were still impacted by the exchanges between them and the Americas.  The Columbian Exchange changed many of the regions involved in the exchanges, in positive and sometimes negative ways. These exchanges were very important to the world.


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