Inconclusion, classrooms should be smaller because in each grade level has manydifferent students, in elementary schools, there can be up to 25-30 students,in middle school there is up to 30-35 students and in high school there is 50students or more in a classroom and that’s my estimation, but I have seen thismyself. For many schools took a survey to see if the class sizes should besmaller and the there was a 50-50 chance that class sizes should be smaller.Within this survey teachers think this a great idea because teachers can beone-on-one with each student and each student can have a better education. On the other hand, smaller class sizes areexpensive because they need more classroom space and more teachers are needed.

Smaller class sizes seem further out of reach than ever because of today’seconomic climate. The expensive school is private schools which tend to havesmaller class sizes. But with public schools-charter schools tend to havesmaller class sizes but also space is very limited. The trickiest thing is forstates and school districts because they must hire more and more teachers. Butalso, the teacher’s salary is low with smaller class sizes. The truth aboutclass sizes are not always better when it comes to students.

With many largerclass sizes students have bad anxiety when it comes to bigger class sizes. Furthermore. leading within many details aboutclass sizes should be smaller.

Many teachers enjoy having smaller class sizesbecause teachers will have less stress, manage each student performance in theclassroom, and keep track of what she is teaching. With many researches I havedone many people say that the smaller the better because you can meet the needsof kids much more effectively with less students. Each class size provides thegreatest opportunity when necessary, it has the biggest boost in academicachievement with a numerous number of studies in students. Each student will bemore active in class participation, they receive attention and interact withthe teacher. But with the reducing class sizes many schools district will haveto hire more teachers and add on to the school for more classrooms. The cost ofhiring more teachers and add more classrooms it would take to long for schooldistricts to plan this out.Second,students are always looking for a better way to get better grades in school,but class sizes can be a little haunted because theteachers are overwhelming sometimes, but is also good to have down time for theteachers so they can really relax before they move into the next class. Butevery teacher must deal with hundreds of children each day which be good or badmostly good because the teachers love being there for the students and educatethem.

With many student’s teacher go through so much to be a great teacher,they have many different degrees they must go through and they love to workwith children. Many schools do not have funding to hire more teachers or evenmake more classroom. Many students and teacher cannot handle 50 students in oneclass but with reducing the class sizes to about 20 students will help teachersbecome less stressed and for the students will have a better chance at becominga better student. Parents are always asking their child how they are likinghave a bigger class size and many students say they rather have a smaller classsize because they can focus more on their education and get better grades. Thesmaller the class the better student outcomes.

For the early grade likeelementary and middle schools class sizes are the most that should be reduced alittle bit because the class size is about 30 students so reduce them down by10 students. While high schools are very overwhelmed with over 50 students andI know this by my own experience in high school. There are many students whocannot handle that many students in one class because they get distracted byother students, cannot focus on any class stuff and gain better skills in eachsubject. The student achievement is more strongly in a smaller class size. Theteachers are overwhelming sometimes, but is also good to have down time for theteachers so they can really relax before they move into the next class.Managinga classroom can be hard because teachers have many different students at manyvarious levels and with many disabilities, but there are many teachers who canstand there and teach students. “The management of resources anddecision-making at school level, and its impact on class size” (Bennett 23).

With classroom management style the age/intake characteristics of the childrenthey teach the students attitudes can be ever hard for teachers becauseteaching and learning, preferred teaching approaches experience and training.Parents like the idea of having small class because it gives the teacher theopportunity to sit down with each student and each of the parents to givefeedback on their child. But also, it helps with less distractions for studentswho need to focus more in class.

Within relation to both children and classroomteaching, class size, influences teaching and learning for students. “Theeffects on many student’s behavior, safety, relationships with teachers, andemotional well-being, standards of work, as well as the quality and quantity ofcurriculum resources.” (Bennett page 26). Motivation can help students becomemore successful in school if they keep on going further with education. The National Curriculum, says many optionsdo not affect class sizes but, help schools meet better education requirements.

With these requirements students will receive educational needs. But to improvethe level teaching, schools need a lot more facilities and learning environmentwhich allows teachers to have more time with each student. “For school’steachers who have taught with 50 students in a classroom have only recently become a cause for concern.” (Bennett page 31).Students behavior and students work are mostly like comes from assessments.”The assessment for children’s work, standards of work and pupil’s behavior,the most important adverse effects are clearly seen to be in individual teacherattention.

With smaller class sizes many students like to have more to work onschool work to get better grades.First,like many articles, “Class Size in Primary Schools”by Neville Bennett it starts by stating the background of classroomsizes should be smaller, furthermore leading into where class sizes are today.The author Neville Bennett presents the reader with childrenexperience improvements in the quality of education. Student-teacher interaction increases in smaller classsizes. Smaller class size such as students 20-25 have impacted teacher-learning interaction which may help reduce teacher workload and stress.Teachers will have more time and opportunity to give individual student theattention they need. With the smaller classroom size, many, students are mostlyon some lower levels of ability and need more attention from the teacher.

Asthe author Bennett says, “some studies ignored the tendency to teach childrenwith learning difficulties in small groups or classes, and these were thusoften included in the sample of small classes” (Bennett 14). Studies have shown that children with regular sizedgrade 4 and 5 classes, and designed to ascertain whether, and to what extent,these benefits lasted when they were transferred into. In addition, student’s behavior, adverse effects standards ofwork, as well as the quality and quantity of curriculum resources, safety,relationships with teachers, and emotional well-being. Smaller class size is agood selling point but are not prepared to believe smaller classes did notimprove learning. With extremely reducing class sizes may intake since all thiswould be a loss for teachers. With less pressure on the teacher, the smallclasses add more attention for each individual student.

For teachers it is hardto manage a class size so big because it put a lot pressure on them do manythings for that class and must do it again and again. With class sizes getting bigger every yearwithin many different school’s classes ranging in size from 30-50 studentsdepending on which grade level you are in. Class sizes should be smallerbecause students will benefit from more individual time with the teachersbecause students will get better grades, teachers will have less stressteaching a smaller class size and districts will have to hire more teachers andadd more classrooms.


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