In class, the
discussion of how various authors’ shared their different views on what is
considered an ideal society were all different.  An ideal view for humanity is one that will probably never be
attained, but there is still hope for one. Throughout the ages,
people have expressed their interpretations of what would be an ideal society
for them such as Martin Luther King Jr in his I Have a Dream speech, and in
“The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” by Ursula K. Le Guin. The most common concept
of an ideal society is one that acts in peace and harmony, with each individual
contributing towards a shared objective. Which could be a continued
survival of the society, equality, and freedom for all.

As of today there
is no such thing as an ideal society or a utopia. At least there are no
criteria of what a perfect society is. In the event that an individual assumes that
all people’s interest is fulfilled, the reality is that what satisfies
someone’s wants differ with other person’s wishes. If somehow a perfect
society could be played out which, is ideal from all perspectives people would
have to make individuals have equal thoughts and mindset about things.

Yet, this may be considered as vicious without wanting to against a person’s
freedom, which additionally cannot be in an ideal society.

In Dr. Martin Luther King
Jr’s famous I have a Dream Speech, he lays out his vision of a society in which
race does not make a difference. Instead, he says, the ideal society would be
one in which individuals should not be judged on the “content of their
character” rather than on the premise of their skin color. King envisioned and wanted
a society in which race or the color of someone’s skin was not an issue in how
individuals were treated or in how he or she is permitted to live their lives
in whatever way they choose to. By having actual freedom that some seem to have
more of others because of something he ore she cannot control. With the most that King
could do with his vision he has made the world become a little more equal than
before his time even with the battles going on his messages has empowered so
many individuals by giving them a voice that he or she felt they did not have

Then, when reading “The Ones
Who Walk Away From Omelas”, Le Guin describes the so-called utopian lifestyle
of the people of Omelas. At first the reader is thought to believe that Omelas
is such a happy place, where nothing could go wrong. When really the Omelas
people’s way of life is uncivilized, do not really have a type of government,
and their only main job is to survive. The Omelas people do not show any civilized morals,
and they are allowed to do what they want as long as it does not disturb the
peace in the community. This absence of a good structure demonstrates another reason
why Omelas is not considered a utopian society.

previously mentioned authors have different point of views on what is
considered an ideal society. The idea of an ideal society or a utopia is not
fully possible because with MLK’s speech as an example there has been a change
in society for the better but there are still people that do not consider all
races equal.  Putting back the
fight that has been going on for centuries. Then, in Le Guin’s short story she
described what is thought to be an ideal society but came with the catch of
torturing a child. A utopia is based on the concept of having social perfection;
therefore the torturing being done in Omelas does not demonstrate what would be
a Utopian society.

asked the question on what would be my ideal society I first came to the
thought of just some examples of world peace and for people not suffering from
famine, for no crime and everyone have good health. If something that could
just happen over night that would be amazing but if it was up to the people
currently living to come up with what would be an ideal society everyone would
have his or her own views. For someone that is homeless his or her idea of a
ideal society could be something that many take for granted which is having a
roof over his or her head. For someone who does not share the same issues his
or her ideal society might include owning 12 cars to an exaggeration. Everyone
has separate views; some take more opportunities more grateful and are more
humble than other. With that in mind how could there is no such thing as an
ideal society. No two people think the same on all issues,
so while one individual has one view on what is considered ideal, someone else
will surely have a different one. So, even if a society
could have no rich or poor, no crime, no war, no hunger, no power, and no
shortage of any resource people would still disagree with that vision.

For a perfect society to be created all people would need to agree to
contribute in achieving a utopian future. That is something that
does not look possible for another century. 


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