In the earlier decades, drones were treated as a complex ying object and used only forsome speci c range of tasks such as military purposes, photography, agriculture surveil-lance and etc. But in the last few years researchers have focused on huge number ofdrone projects resulting drones to be more socialize with people. With the simpli edstructure, customized functionality and the increasing level of autonomy along with theintegrated technology support for the drones present in the current market, the tech-nologies like follow me has evolved and people have started to interact with the dronesmuch closer than before. And also with the impact of social robots, researchers are nowapproaching towards drone autonomy in such a way that drones can be implemented asying robots which form a new category of robots. So these approaches have directedHuman Robot Interaction to a whole new research area which is Human Drone Inter-action. This emerging research area has already resulted in mind blowing progress withthe drone projects conducted in last few years and it has taken the attention of HRIresearchers in embedding social robotics concepts in drones to recreate the drones as aying form of social robotics.

With the emergence of Human Robot Interaction even more and more exploration studieswere done on peoples attitudes, perception and behaviors towards robots, but not manystudies focus on drones. And also even the high level researches are done on droneautonomy and controlling technologies, very few studies have addressed drones as asocial entity. Compared to earlier decades, usage of drones has resulted in rapid increaseand as per the research ndings drones can be used in many ways and are expected tohave promising future which might estimate the usage of upto two drones per household1.

So we expect the drones to be ubiquitous soon thus higher number of Human DroneInteraction based applications will take a part in the civil domain; hence drones willbecome a social companion that can e ectively assist people in di erent areas. Also weexpect that Human Drone Interaction will lift up the technology from Human RobotInteraction and it will direct the ying robots concept in to the next stage thus thedrones will become more popular among the society as an companion. So in this projectwe are trying to develop a companion drone which can y in the most comfortable zoneof the person. And hence identify the initial requirements for a drone to be a companionentity of a person, more speci cally we are trying to understand most comfortable zone


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