In Mean, his Mistake, and his new coinIn Mean, a Cambodian developer admitted he made a mistake immediately bitcoin got to #1,000. He mined a lot of bitcoin not long after bitcoin was released in 2009. However, he lost all his money when he made the mistake of not backing up his coins. In Mean is designing a ‘local coin’ now that a lot of Cambodians are now interested in cryptocurrencies, He wants to direct it at helping new users understand everything about cryptocurrency and also help close some of the technical knowledge gaps that allow newbies fall into the hands of scammers.In Mean’s newest cryptocurrency, KHCoin, exchanges for .000000999 btc on

He says the currency is not meant to be a ‘high-value currency’ yet. However, he is giving away KHCoin to any Cambodian who is interested in adding some KHCoin to their portfolio.The JourneyAccording to Mean, he began researching, compiling, and forking code for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology back in 2014, when the incentive for bitcoin was $1,000. He filled in as the back-end developer for Popular Coin and released his own particular cryptocurrency which he called, Prosper Coin, which was originally promoted as a cryptocurrency that could be utilized as a part of online casinos. Mean considered learning more about blockchain innovation and cryptocurrencies which he actually later did.

He has Questions and Answers recordings in Khmer on his open Facebook page, and behind the scenes. He is working with a modest bunch of nearby engineers who he expects can stand out in blockchain innovation. Furthermore, in the wake of gaining a pool of gifts, in lieu of an initial coin offering, he discharged KHCoin and an advanced wallet, accessible in the Google Play store. Making EffortsAll across the nation, many new clients are trying to take advantage of the expanding worldwide cryptocurrency market. Steve Miller has been mining for bitcoin and learning about cryptocurrency throughout the eight years he’s lived in Phnom Penh, but it’s only last year where the practice started picking up speed among other expatriates and locals.”I’ve been trying to build a community here forever, but it’s been almost impossible because of the diversity of people that comes through here.”Steve Miller started Cryptoasia in Cambodia with Coin Cafe.

Coin Cafe is a restaurant that accepts bitcoin, and this restaurant is part of his apartment in a Phnom Penh alley, in an effort to create a face-to-face community of digital currency traders and enthusiasts.  A modest bunch of eateries and guesthouses in the country are starting to acknowledge bitcoin, ethereum and different digital forms of money, from a Phnom Penh poker clubhouse to a sub sandwich shop in sleepy riverside town Kampot. In any case, few say they’re getting any digital exchanges. Join our Telegram channel. search for “Crypto tip off” on telegram.


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