In this essay I am going to say in my opinion what is the three top most inventions.Why it is the invention important. Why it is in the top three inventions. How it has helped theagriculture farming.

These three inventions I believe are one of the top three inventions that havebeen introduced to agriculture. I feel that all of them were really well but i think the top most invention is the gastractor. I feel that it is the top most invention because it saves farmers money. It also helpsfarmers because they don’t have to buy horses any more for crop harvesting. Also it savesmoney because you don’t have to buy feed for horses.

With all the extra money you can buymore land and crops and sell the crops to get more money. For the second top most invention i would pick the cotton gin. The cotton gin helpedwith easily removing the seed from cotton with out lifting a finger. Before the cotton gin it wouldtake hours to make a bundle of cotton without seeds. But after the cotton gin life was easy, youcan make loads of bundles a day with out picking out one seed. This is the reason why I pickedthe cotton gin as the second top most invention.

The third most top invention I would pick is the barbed wire. I believe this is one of thetop most important invention is because with out the barbed wire we not know where ouragriculture farming ends or begins. Another way the barbed wire helped was that the cattlewould be loose with out the barbed wire. Before the barbed wire they had fences but that tooktoo much wood that the farmers could of used for something else like a chicken coup, a house,or even for a fire. This is why i think this invention is in the top three. There is a lot of inventions that helped the agriculture system but this is what I thinkwere the top three.

A lot of the inventions i did not mention did help the agriculture system but Ididn’t think were the top three. Some examples are mason jars, steel plow, refrigerated rail cars,driverless tractor, and the milking machine. These invention helped boost our agricultural systemto make even more inventions to come.

Even though I only pick three doesn’t mean those are theonly important inventions. 


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