In this paper I will examine the relationship

In this paper I will examine the relationship between climate and the environment (living and nonliving things). I feel that man and climate both affect each other in many ways. What is climate? Climate is the weather of a certain location averaged out over a long period of time. Climate is very much apart of humans day to day life and humans need climate to survive. Humans also affect climate just as much. Humans can affect climate in good ways in bad ways but we don’t always make the right decisions for the good of our planet.On one hand climate affects humans in many ways. For example climate affects humans farming. In order for humans to survive we need to eat crops (fruits and vegetables.) If humans want their crops to grow correctly they need to plant them in a place that has the correct climate. If we plant our crops in a place that is to cold the growth of the plants could slow down or stop completely. The plant could also freeze and dry out. If humans plant crops in a place that’s to warm there could also be a backlash of negative consequences. If the dirt that the plants grow in could dry out of nutrients which could lead to the stunt of growth for the plants. Also if the climate gets too warm the leaves of the crops and parts of plant could start to evaporate because plants are largely water. This is bad for humans in both ways because we wouldn’t be able to eat the crops at all. This also affects us economically. Countries pay other countries to grow their crops if they live in a place where there climate isn’t up to par for growing plants or they just don’t want to grow them at all. Some places depend on the money of other countries to keep their country from going into debt. Climate is very important for humans to survive.Climate could also affect the health of humans. The impacts of climate also includes warm temperatures and cold temperatures. The warmer the temperature the higher the health problems due to hotter days and more frequent heat waves and warm fronts. Vulnerability to intense weather can lead to dehydration and heat strokes. Professions outside such as construction workers will be more vulnerable since they are outside more. Houses with low-income will also be affected because they may lack a source of air conditioning with increases health problems do to heat exposure. The colder the weather more people can have health problems due to colder days and cold fronts. Cold weather can cause people to get frostbite and colds. Low income houses will most likely not be able to afford heat which will leave them more vulnerable and professions outside will also be more vulnerable because they are outside more. This also could have an effect on humans emotionally. As people become sick they will need to go to a doctor to get medication and treatment. This could cause a lot of stress on low income family to make more money to help there family member. If the family member dies because of their condition family members are forced to grieve, plan their funeral, and to live without their family member everyday. On the other hand humans affect climate in many ways as well. Many humans give no regard to climate change and some people don’t believe in climate change at all. Some humans harm the climate in there day to day lives and they don’t even know it. In most humans day to day life they need to use some mode of transportation to get to work or where ever they need to go. Most of these mode of transportations use carbon dioxide. Carbon Dioxide is made by the burning of any fuels. Carbon Dioxide is one of the many greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases heat up the Earth’s surface and air. Greenhouse gases are bad for environment because the prevent the sun’s heat from escaping and alterseaths natural systems.What’s worse is humans have the power to create carbon emissions. Carbon Emissions are the production of gas and radiation. Some examples of carbon dioxide is fossil fuels and coal. As I recently spoke about this creates carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. Some people have tried and create some eco friendly modes of transportation and an easy way to change our lifestyles. The problem with this solution is that this is very expensive and a lot of families cannot afford this or do not know about these solutions. Carbon emissions are also used on construction trucks which humans drive to tear down trees, plants, and forest. This is called deforestation. Deforestation is also ba because trees help with our carbon dioxide problems. Trees taking carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Without trees we probably wouldn’t be able to breathe. Humans have a huge impact on the climate.In conclusion humans and climate both affect each other in many way. By humans creating and using carbon emissions it has a huge impact on the climate. Humans also can be more educated on climate by us not being educated on climate change we could affect the climate more. By climate affecting our food and health climate is important for humans to survive. There is relationship between climate and humans both affecting each other.