In the first topic studentswill learn about their body parts and its functions. They will be able to nameall their external body parts as well as explain the function of each; forexample, we use our eyes to see and our legs and feet to walk, run and jump andso on. A perfect machine might have a computer guiding its movements; forexample, a robot. It would have parts that would make the machine aware of itssurroundings. Students will learn that in many ways the human body is betterthan such machine. The human body is made up of so many parts. It is controlledby a brain.

So therefore students need to know that the sense organs such aseyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin help to keep the body aware of its surroundingsand keep them safe. In the following topic, students will learn about theirinternal organs and the function of each; for example, lungs are used forbreathing and brains are used for thinking. In the third topic students willlearn how the skeletal and muscular system work together to support their body.Students will learn that the skeletal system is made up of bones that enablethem to stand up and the muscular system allows them to move around freely.They will understand that both systems have a connection to support their bodystructure.

The basic life processes is another important topic that studentsshould have knowledge about. For instance they should be able to know how thedigestive process works when they eat. Students will be able to know thateating and breathing are two most important things we must do to stay alive. Thefinal topic in this theme is about knowing how to take care of the body.

Students will be able to explain how and why it is important to take care oftheir own bodies. They will learn about eating healthy meals, the importance ofexercise and also the importance of practicing proper hygiene in order for themto maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


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