In loving memory of ELLIE!!     Ellie was born on February 23 2010 and died on December 18 2017. The bond between a human and a pet runs deep. Dogs are more than pets. They are members of our families, faithful companions and heroic fighters.  My dog will never be forgotten. Her name was Ellie. Ellie was a police dog and helped protect and serve her community. She was strong and a benevolent sweet german shepherd that was always looking forward to rescue missions. She had a wild spirit and always followed her heart. But when it came to her owners grieving, she would too at the sight of it. She was always determined to cheer her owner up in bed and give him the most amount of kisses possible!We will never forget the fearless intuitive decisions she made to save the people around her. For example, the time when she lept into action and saved a 12 year old girl from being kidnapped and thrown off a bridge. Or the time when her handler Jakob and Maya travelled  to El salvador because an earthquake had occurred and this buried people, separating them from their homes. Ellie uses her sense of smell to rescue people from the crumbled buildings however she injured her nose. This prevented her to never be able to continue with her search and rescue missions.One ordinary day, my husband Al had to carry Ellie out into the yard because she couldn’t walk. At this time, we realized, it was definitely time to say goodbye. We whispered our final farewell by mouthing two true and honest word repeatedly until they faded away and seemed meaningless.  “Good dog” because i know they were true from the very second she was born till the very last day she suffered. She left this world peacefully in December 2017. That is when I said goodbye to my faithful companion, my heroic fighter and my very best friend. Ellie, you have left my life but you are always with me in my heart and memory.  We will miss her daring personality, sloppy kissed in bed, eating cookies off the floor and her warm hearted spirit!


I'm Katy!

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