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Information is the lifeblood of the industry today. Many companies today exist solely by exchanging pieces of information with one another. Information controls whether the value of the dollar rises on day and crashes the next. Information also decides whether an applicant gets hired or not. In fact, information today may also decide whether or not a person decides to date someone. Because of this need for information, the internet has become the most popular tool in the world. Practically everyone in the world today has learned how to conduct online background checks. But just how good is it to depend on online background checks? Here are some pros and some cons:Comprehensive VS lacking in depth – Oh sure, an online background check could yield you tons of results regarding a person’s activities. It could tell you everything, even what a person had for breakfast. That’s how powerful the internet is today. This means that you will have access to all sorts of information which will help you decide whether a person can be hired, dated, married, or could be fit to take care of your kids. However, you should know that there is a world of difference between knowing what someone had for breakfast and knowing just how much that person enjoyed his or her breakfast. Knowing what a person does for a living and how many hours he or she puts into work may show you that the person could be dedicated to his or her job or it could show you that the person just really needs to work. There are some things that you can’t just expect an online background check to reveal. Although an online background check reveals facts, it does not deal in rationalizations. In the end, it will always be up to you to decide.Convenient VS expensive – For many people the word “online” has become synonymous to the term “convenient” and they would be right. The internet allows people to access the information that they need right at the comfort of their own homes. Because of this, many people just tend to look towards the internet for any of their needs.However, you should also realize that the convenience of the internet does come at a price. Would you be willing to spend a couple of hundred bucks to access an online background check service when you can get the same information for free just by making a few phone calls? Of course, convenience is all well and good but how lazy can you get to be willing to spend that much money?Speedy VS Limited – There are a lot of online background check services today which offer their services including access to their database. This means that you will be able to access the information you need quickly. In the world today, we all know how important it is to get information while it is still fresh. Accessing the comprehensive database of an online background check service may yield you tons of results in no time. That is, if the results are there to begin with. What you should know about some online background check services is the fact that they are not updated every time a new police record is entered. This means every online background check you conduct will be limited.