Name: Course: Institution: Date: Intern Essay In the banking industry, investment banking is quickly becoming popular among people. These institutions offer aid mostly financial to individuals, corporations and even the government by helping them to raise the necessary finances from the capital market either by being an agent or a sponsor for consumers in the issuance of securities.

It does this by undertaking a number of activities such as underwriting; making sure companies are involved in mergers, acquisitions, and providing other ancillary services. One of the divisions in investment banking is the equity research and event or road show department. This department has been tasked with among other things giving investors the information they might need to analyze market trends the industry. It is therefore particularly crucial in the investment banking industry. A recent trend in this industry has been the deregulation policy. Before its introduction, banks had the right to participate in proprietary trading, but with this new policy, a lower standard was adopted making the industry more volatile. With it came up the separation of the functions that are involved in investment banking. This led to most of the work being done by the banks as illegal, acts such as underwriting.

This policy divided the functions that are involved in investment banking. This sparked off the interests of several investors who wanted to get an independent investment analyst to help make the division of the industry redundant. This led to top notch recruits being adopted. Barclay’s investment banking, which is part of Barclays Plc London, was a firm that came up in 1997. Its aim, just as other investment banks, was to provide advisory services, risk management and financing to its clients and their subsidiaries. They acquired many other firms such as North American investment bank making them a leader in their industry not only in Europe but also in the world as a whole. Since investment, banking is a highly competitive industry; Barclays had to curve a niche for itself in the industry as a whole.

It faces competition from all over the world with each other firm trying to better themselves to become the market leader. The companies that portray the most competitions are companies such as Citigroup, HSBC holdings (also operating in Europe), Bank of America and J P Morgan Chase. Barclays has one edge however over its competitors. It has an expansionist policy that gives them the passion of venturing into new and untapped markets. They identify these markets and eventually come up with the best ways of exploiting them.

The best scenario to describe this is the fact that they have ventured into the Asian markets. Asia is known for its technological prowess especially in China has been known as fertile ground for investors. Being that Barclays has already established itself they are most capable to provide the needed funds to break ground into Asian territory. Having had experience in the research as a Research assistant in the college of Staten Island in 2008, I was exposed to various scenarios that would make me invaluable. I was part of a number of dissertations that were compiled for a project that was for China High technology sector and the commercial aviation industry. I was attached to the department of History.

In 2011, I served in sesame workshop as a strategic partnerships and development intern. My work there helped me amass knowledge on donors and potential donors. I learnt how to register donor information in the NYIC central database and data bank. As a Grants Research intern in 2012, I learnt how to analyze financial management systems.

I did a research checking whether the state and federal grants rules were being complied with, as the state requires them to. All the positions that I have held make me a viable candidate for the equity research and event/ road show department. I feel that I will be a useful addition to your firm and your clients as a whole. If offered the position of Google bold intern I feel that it would provide me with an opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge I have amassed over the years.

It would give the chance to work independently and be more creative. I feel that it will open up an avenue in which I can put into practice my creative side. I would thrive to come up with ideas that will prove beneficial to the company as a whole. I hope that through my understanding of my age mates I will come up with ideas that appeal to them. The various marketing strategies that I know will also add value to the marketing department, as they are a proven to work. Becoming a Google Bold Intern I know it will take me on a completely new level.

I will be exposed to the technological world, which I have a great interest. I will get to learn more about the company and all the innovation and making the company into what it is. Being that the program involves many students from diverse backgrounds, I know that I will enjoy interacting with them.


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