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Internet and Global Business

Technological advancements have had a great effect on facets of the society such as economical political and economic. The internet has numerous abilities and capabilities, which enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations of an organization on both national and international business levels. Contemporary organizations view the internet as one of the strongest platforms for achievement of the organization goals and objectives. Such may include the achievement of global status and growth, new product ideas and development, customer relationship enhancement, cost reduction and increasing sales or revenues.

The internet has played a significant role in transformation of traditional organizations into modern organizations. Cost reduction is one of the benefits accrued by business in its operations. This is actualized in various aspects. In the sale and marketing of products, the internet falls as one of the most influential platforms available to an organization in that it provides organizations with the ability to reach consumers with a single advertisement of message. Hence, it is an affective means of advertisement of its reach to the large population.

Consumer and supplier relationships have also been enhanced by the presence and gradual growth of the internet. Consumer relationships, irrespective of the location of the consumer and the organization, are enhanced by the organizations. Multinational and international organizations have the ability to communicate with their consumers abroad with ease using means such as video conferences and emails. This provides consumers with the much-needed communication channel, which is cost effective. The speed of the internet enables timely and efficient means of communication. However, confidential information and content cannot be communicated because of the presence of malicious software on the internet.

The internet, as a means of communication with an organization, should be secured by the organization. This ensures that consumers have a safe and appropriate channel for communication with the organization, for issues such as customer dissonance after a purchase and ability of the producer to satisfy consumer needs and wants. Additionally, organizations are able to evaluate and gauge the competitiveness of the brand and its products in the market with respect to the response issued by consumers online. High numbers of complaints are an indication of consumer dissatisfaction with the organization’s products or services. Communication with suppliers is also enhanced, enabling organizations to transact with suppliers of high quality materials for the production process. Such communication ensures that the organization takes timely delivery of high quality products or raw materials from the suppliers.

Organizations are able to gain information about possible international markets for entry and subsequent sales opportunities provided by new markets. This is usually from the research and evaluation of the consumer needs and wants within a respective market. On the other hand, information could also enable an organization to use strategies or products similar to those in other markets in local markets of operation. This ensures that the organization achieves the much needed competitive advantage and competitiveness. The use of strategies subsequently affects the operations of other organizations since they are challenged to become more competitive than other organizations in the market. Hence, this induces competition through creativity and innovation in a market. However, organizations may face threats in the form of stolen information by hackers for the competitors or other organizations, expensive costs of internet platforms set up for an organization in relation to the organizational size ad possible benefits for such undertakings.

In conclusion, the internet provides numerous advantages as well as threats to an organization. However, the internet provides the contemporary organization with an appropriate platform for achievement of growth as well as other organizational, strategic goals and objectives.


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