Internet are different kinds of video games one

Internet is the biggest medium that we are using today to communicate around
the globe. Aside from that internet can also be used especially in Video Games. Video
Games is a type of indoor games that is usually used in computers. There are two types of
Video Games, offline games and online games. Offline games is usually played in single
while Online games requires internet to connect or communicate players all around the
world. Online games is very popular today especially to the students, there are different
kinds of video games one of this is the Defense of the Ancients or DOTA.

The DOTA game is a strategy game which can be played as a multiplayer over
the network or as a single player where number of human players can be between 1 and 4
(Suresh P and Tanmay Gupta, 2014). DOTA is based on your owns skill to collect and

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fight to kill the opponent and to obtain victory. Huge group of people especially the
students play this game because of its compelling styles that the players want to
experience and because of that the students become addicted to play this game and there
are factors that affects to the students who played DOTA to their performance in the
school. With this students are tend to play this game during classes hours and have done
cutting classes that may lead to have failing grades and others are taking some money just
to use in gambling. The factors that may affect to them may cause to break the path to
their future of being addicted in playing DOTA.

The importance of this study is to understand and have the knowledge about the
factors that affects the students in playing DOTA to their performance in school.

The reason for choosing this topic is to make the students who played DOTA to
relate our studies about the factors that affects in playing DOTA to their performance.

The purpose of this study is to explain the ideas about the factors that affects in
playing DOTA of the students and to know how they affect to their performance in
school when they play this game. Also to describe the benefits of the students in playing
Statement of the Problem

This study will address the problem of the factors that affect in playing DOTA to
their performance.

1.) How does playing DOTA affects to their performance?
2.) What are the benefits in playing DOTA?

Conceptual/ Theoretical Framework

The theory of this topic, playing video games can affect to the student to their
performance in school. All of the video games results to the same effects to person.
Playing DOTA can ruin to their performance in studies and can be destroy their life.
Most of the students can be easily influence on playing DOTA it can cause the students
get addict and the problem is on how to lessen their time on playing DOTA. Most of the
students playing DOTA because for some reasons,it will make them entertain, ate the
same time makes them happy. They believe that in playing DOTA also helps them to
lessen their problems in school and in their family but in fact it can be added in their
problems. The possible effect to this is to spend amount of time and it may distract to
school. Students that are addicted on playing DOTA may affect to their studies and it
cannot easy to stop themselves from playing it but it can lessen their time in playing
DOTA to overcome their problems and their performance in school.
Significance of the Study

The significance to this study is to understand the problem of the students who
are addicted in playing DOTA and also to give an idea of the factor that affect in their
performance and stated the benefits in playing DOTA. This study will also help them
expand their knowledge about why the students playing DOTA . For the students may
also lessen their time on playing DOTA and help them understand the effects of playing
DOTA towards their performance.