Interview questions






Interview questions

High school principal

Identify a problem you experienced at the work place, and how you solved it.

A principal is the head of a school therefore; he experiences many problems. He or she is expected to choose a problem that he solved. It will show the interviewer that he is decisive and can solve any problem that arises (Camp et al, 2001).

Describe how you ensure that all activities are running smoothly.

The principal is responsible for all the activities in the school. The most appropriate answer is a system where the principal allocates duties. He then moves around to ensure they are done.

Since you are head of all other employees in the school, how do you correct them when they are wrong? A head should maintain a good relationship with the subjects. Even when they are wrong, they should be corrected in a diplomatic way. The principal is required to think of a polite way to correct employees (Mascolini & Supnick, 1993).

Nursing supervisor

Duties of a nurse supervisor are faced with many challenges. Elaborate a situation when it was stressful and how you dealt with it.

The most important part of this question is how the situation was solved. Therefore, it is wise to choose a problem that you gave the best solution. Include ways in which you have adopted in managing pressure and stress.

People are bound to make mistakes. Give an example of an error or mistake you made in line of your career

State a mistake and explain how you solved it. Choose the simplest or lightest mistake you have ever made. Mentioning serious mistakes may discourage the interviewer, no matter how well it was corrected. Do not forget to say the measures taken to avoid future errors (Kador, 1997).

How do you deal with conflicts of other employees at the work place

This question requires one to have a strategy of how he or she would control conflicts. For instance, use of diplomatic ways like dialogue. Organizations face conflict challenges, so they would appreciate getting a person with such skills.

Director of marketing for fast-food chain

How do you adjust to change?

Marketing career is characterized by many changes. The candidate should specify the types of changes likely to occur in this field and state what he would do to adjust to it. This should include enrolling to refresher courses, which will help to embrace change, for instance, training on how to use advanced technology.

There are so many risks involved in marketing. Identify one that you had to take.

The marketer should explain how there are many risks that present themselves. Out of all those, he or she should select the most appropriate example. It will exhibit his or her expertise. It is important to mention about taking measures to avoid any sort of risks (Camp et al, 2001).

In case there is a lot of work to do, how do you manage it?

It is common to have a big workload and a deadline to beat. The marketer should think of a way to show that despite much work, he can finish it within the expected time. In such a question, it would be advisable to include that one is ready to work extra hours. This will show determination to interviewers (Mc Entire &Greene-Shortridge, 2011).


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