Intro Evil, is it only what is in our imagination? Is it the man twirling his mustache before robbing a bank?  The guy we see spray painting under the bridge? The parent who punishes us or the teacher we dislike? Possibly, evil isn’t just the bad guys we see in movies, cartoons or the people we think are “evil.” Combating evil not only includes fighting against those individuals who commit evil acts, but, rather,  it is often a personal struggle in our everyday life.  These battles with evil can manifest in multiple areas of life, including financial, physical and in war, and are often a theme in literature. PARAGRAPH 2 Human beings confront evil in their everyday lives. This “evil” takes on various forms at different stages and times in life.  A student, for example, may face this struggle while taking an exam, realizing that he does not know the answers but that he could easily steal a glance at his classmate’s paper.

To cheat or not to cheat?  This is a real struggle for someone who wants or needs to succeed. Does cheating really cause any harm to anyone? What if nobody ever finds out?  Additionally, for some adults, it is tempting to cheat on taxes or to lie to their bosses about the revenue they generated for that month. Sadly, these individuals do not realize the greater impact that their dishonesty has on others.  For instance, when someone does not pay the correct amount of taxes, the government has less money to compensate policemen and firefighters who risk their lives for others.  Not only is the individual cheating the government, but he is also essentially stealing from others.

 While we often think of evil as an extreme act of terror, or a hateful immoral individual, the truth is that evil can can be found in our own natural desires and impulses that may cause us to behave in hurtful, unethical or selfish ways.  The struggle to resist our own inclinations is one type of combat against evil. How authors portray evil FINANCIAL EVIL STRUGGLE/ SHERLOCK HOLMES. The struggle against evil is  described in the works we have read in class, The Speckled Band, by Arthur Conan Doyle , and The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding.  In The Speckled Band, there is a prime example of the financial side of the struggle against evil.  Dr.

Roylott’s wife wrote a will that left a yearly income of seven hundred and fifty pounds for each of her three daughters, one-third of which  could be claimed upon marriage. Therefore, Dr. Roylott planned to kill both of his stepdaughters before they got married so he could pocket all the money and not lose a percentage to the girls. The famous expression that “money is the root of all evil,” can certainly be seen here where a man is willing to sacrifice his family for money.  Greed is often a significant factor in the struggle against evil in the financial realm, and individuals have to resist the constant need for more. PARAGRAPH OF L.O.T.

F EVIL   In his essay on Lord of the Flies, Samuel Hynes emphasizes how Golding’s novel teaches us that evil is an internal force found within each of us, as he explains that the, “devil rises, not out of pirates and cannibals and such alien creatures, but out of the darkness of man’s heart” (Hynes 16). In the novel  I believe the struggle of evil was during a time of desperation and the struggle for survival. The part of the quote ” but out of the darkness of a man’s heart” personally means that they weren’t always evil it just came into the because of their struggle. The characters didn’t seem evil and even at the beginning of the book they were all cheerful and momentarily happy that they had no parental supervision. The evil out comes out when  reality hits and struggle of survival hits them.  here are a number of occasions where there is an internal struggle in Lord of the Flies, within the characters. If you look at the Jack’s thoughts and behavior, you will see an amazing thing. His desires and fears take over and force him to become the monster he eventually becomes all because of the fact that he has to survive and only listen to himself.

Jack didn’t even listen to anybody else throughout most of the novel because he thought he was better, smarter and stronger than everyone else. Throughout the book he was power hungry,  trying to prove that his thoughts and ideas were more important than everyone else’s, especially Ralph’s and Piggy’s, who were probably the brightest of the group. This  began when Ralph is elected as chief by the boys. Jack is jealous of him and thinks that he is desiring of the position. Ralph sees that Jack needs power or he will be trouble so he gives him the choir to be in charge of.  Even though the choir is a small group it makes Jack feel special and important, he even gives Jack and the choir the role of being the hunters. Next, Jack can’t stop talking about catching the pig, it’s all he thinks and  talks about.

This is trouble for Ralph because he wasn’t helping to build shelters which was Ralph’s main goal. These few scenes  show how focused Jack was on his own ideas, and wasn’t willing to do anything besides what he wanted.  Hynes, Samuel.

“William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.” Critical Essays on William Golding. Ed.James R. Baker. Boston: G.K.

Hall & Co., 1988. PARAGRAPH OF WAR EVIL The complexity of the struggle against evil is really highlighted during war time. During a war there is an identified “evil” in the form of the enemy; the goal of a war is usually to defeat the enemy.

However, the effects of war spread far beyond the armies fighting one another to include the many innocent civilians that often are collateral damage. For example, during the Vietnam War, one of the most controversial wars in history, American soldiers killed thousands of women and children. Were they evil? Was it “virtuous” for them to die because they were in enemy territory? The stress and conditions of war time can cloud what is evil and what is just, often leading honest and moral individuals to commit acts that they would never have committed during peaceful times. MY BOOK EVIL  The Hunger Games, the apocalyptic novel by Suzanne Collins, portrays another great struggle against evil. The protagonist, Katniss, has to face the evil of President Snow and the new taskmasters ever since she pulled out the berries in the first Games that she was in. Although Katniss and her friends struggle isn’t necessarily something we struggle with every day it is still an excellent example of how the struggle of evil appears in war.

Similar to Lord of the Flies, I believe here to the evil came at a time of need and survival. PARAGRAPH ON INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL For individuals fighting against cancer, the process is a real struggle against evil. For the patient, it is an actual physical, external and internal war, while for family members it is an internal and emotional struggle. Cancer affects people everyday whether you live in the US or the UK and anywhere in between.

The most difficult aspect of the struggle against cancer is that it never really ends; from the moment the doctor hands you a diagnosis, through all the chemo treatments, to when you are finally “in remission.”  While other battles against evil can be definitively won and conquered, sadly, in the fight against cancer, you never fully “win” because the threat of having recurrence will always be present. The patient’s loved ones live in constant fear for the patient and for their own health, having experienced first hand how somebody looking healthy, living life to his or her fullest potential can be told the next day that life as he or she knows it is forever changed.Cancer My aunt was diagnosed with stage 4 Stomach Cancer 3 months ago, and I personally witnessed what it is like to receive the news and watch devastating impact on everyone in our family.  At first, it seemed like the evil of cancer was going to destroy us. My grandparents experienced emotional and physical breakdowns, my cousins were inconsolable and too little to understand what was going on other than that something was wrong with their mommy.  But then, we decided to fight back against the evil. We rallied and my parents called every doctor and hospitals they knew, setting up appointments and tests, and committing to doing whatever it takes to help my aunt beat her cancer.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, he definition of evil, when used as a noun, is “the fact of suffering, misfortune, and wrongdoing.”  My family and I are battling against the suffering that cancer is causing my aunt and our family. I am trying to not let the anger or questioning of “why us?” consume me, and I am trying to maintain my faith and positivity despite the disease. MY STRUGGLE  As a teenager, my personal struggles with evil are battles that are often waged against internal forces, as opposed to external ones.  While I have occasionally faced an unkind classmate or negative peer pressure, I more frequently confront my own thoughts and desires that may lead me astray from what I know is the correct path.

For example, I have many daily responsibilities that need to be accomplished, but sometimes I just would rather spend time relaxing or watching the latest sports clip on ESPN.  I have to make a conscious decision to move forward with what I know I need to do, as opposed to falling prey to what I would rather do. I also watch the news and keep up with current events and am constantly aware of the evil influences that exist in society today, in the form of hatred and violence among different people, illegal or immoral activities, or simple selfishness and not caring about others.  As I figure out my own world view and philosophy I try to make sense of this evil and make decisions and choices that will keep me true to my own values and beliefs.  PSY STRUGLle Bullying is a major problem in society today. It appears left and right weather in school, on the internet at a basketball game or camp. Bullying doesn’t just affect the kid who is getting bullied but rather everyone around the bullying. Bullying doesn’t just mean the kid who pushes you into a locker at school, the kid who beats up your little brother or even the kid that was mean to your parents when they were young.

Bullying, isn’t just a physical things it is also a physiological thing. It is equally as bad to bully someone mentally and to make fun of them at school, facebook, twitter and instagram than to beat them up or give them a swirlie. The effect of bullying is a scary thing it not only causes depression, anxiety or sadness it also cause other issues in the brain. Some may get bad food eating patterns or  sleep patients sometimes even lost interest in activities that they enjoy. Additionally, bullying often affects a persons GPA and test scores which is also a long term problem because since they aren’t getting their grades they may not get into the colleges or schools they want to.

Sadly, bullying also is one of the major cause of suicide and must be stopped. Bullying is not a joke and should never be the approach to anything in life.CONCLUSION The struggle of evil really does affect our everyday lives just in ways we don’t always realise. Our daily struggles could be about almost anything either small or big. As people we have to overcome the better weather its mentally or physically and stand for what right and what we truly believe in. As Albert Einstein once said “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” This means that if we all overcome the evil in out lies the world would be a happier and more peaceful place to live.


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