Introduction Amazin’Graze is from Malaysia, a start-up business since 2015 to produce healthysnacks. Their handmade snacks are using quality and healthy ingredients tobring out the freshness of the products. The brand image bring out the fun,straightforward and passionate in making the goodness of healthy snack. Thebusiness is now growing to the Asian market. EATING RIGHT, NOT LESS, they trulybelieve it because when come to healthy eating doesn’t mean eat less is to eatright and enjoy in healthier alternatives.

The company was founded by 3 womenwhich are Amy Zheng, Ching Yi Lee, and Sabrina How. (Sergio, M 2017).  Company MissionThemission is to raise awareness of healthy eating among the Asian. Besides, toaccess delicious healthy treats with affordable prices.  Company VisionThevision is to become a healthy brand for home pantry with a wide choices inselecting healthy snacks. Besides that, become a healthy brand across theSouth-East Asia.

    The IdeaTheidea was formed that came from Amy, an Australian, and 33 years old. A yogainstructor who love healthy lifestyle. She found that the eating behaviour inMalaysia are not so healthy and hard to get the healthy foods in public whenshe in Malaysia. Also, the shops use high prices to sell the nutritious foodsimport from overseas make people cannot afford it and cannot access the generalpublic. After realising the lack of healthy foods in Malaysia, she started witha small scale to test out her proposition.

She met Ching Yi, a Malaysian, 29years old, and build Amazin’ Graze (Sergio, M 2017).  The Process Theyplanned this business about three months and to try and test out differentproducts and flavour at their home kitchen. Their family and friend helped themto test out the products to ensure it tastes good and can produce in marketsuccessfully. They first started to sell in small batches of the products inweekend market which surprisingly reaches the market well.  In June 2015, online order and deliveryservices had launched. SabrinaHow, one of the founder as well as operation manager of Amazin’ Graze, her jobsis to work on the production and supply chain of the company. They rented aspace to build their first retail store, warehouse and kitchen at D7 Sentul inKL.

Now, the team has grown to 20 people and the products are become so wellknown in the market and hit the biggest sales which hit 800 packages ofproducts per day. The business expanded to Singapore and HongKong. (Majorie, C2016).      TargetMarket / User Profile Demographic   Their primary target audience young and working adults at age 26-35. Amazin’Graze target to provide very convenient and healthy tasty snacks to their audience to keep going on their motivation.   The secondary target audiences are those corporate businesses and healthy cafes. The corporate business/cafe provide their products come with the Amazin’s product which can help to increase the brand image of Amazin’Graze.  Psychographic   People who are on diet and don’t want to sacrifices the taste and practice a healthy eating habits.

Other than that, individual who hard to get healthy foods when having a busy lifestyle. Geographical   Malaysia. South-East Asia such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Indonesia.             Positioning Amazin’Grazeposition itself in the Asia Market as a fun and taste amazing healthy snacksbrand. Their product serves as breakfast or consume as a snacks.

Amazin’Grazehas successful to position itself by developing and making new flavours of theproducts on every festival in Malaysia to meet the local taste which madedifferent and special than other competitors. Many consumers who are alreadyaddicted to the products and loyal toward them. More customers also bepersuaded to try their products because the quality yet affordable price of theproducts.   Differentiation Othersthan to selling healthy snacks, Amazin’Graze also share the information about healthand wellness to educate Asian including healthy tips and recipes.

In order tomeet the preference taste of Asian especially sweet and salty food, they createvarieties of flavours that inspired from the Malaysia culture foods such ascoconut, pandan, curry, tom yum, kaya, Gula Melaka, etc. Besides,limited edition set developed on every seasons to attract more customers. Forexample, products made from natural Chinese culture ingredients such aschrysanthemum, longan and red dates for Chinese New Year, Rendang flavours forHari Raya, Christmas special, and etc. Every season has the theme withconsistency and beautiful packaging design. This make the products so specialto everyone than other competitors. Exampleas below,


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